Новорічний півмарафон "Йоль"

New Year Half Marathon "Yole"

Bit of history

"Yol" is an ancient holiday associated with the winter solstice. In the modern world, it merged with the Christian Christmas and became synonymous with its name.

New Year Half Marathon "Yole" - these are the last competitions in the running season, which have already become traditional. Since during them, many running enthusiasts summarize their running results for the season. As part of them, a race of 21, 8.4 kilometers, and a relay race are held. But the main highlight is that the race takes place in New Year's costumes, it adds a special flavor to the event!

Information about the race


"Yol" half marathon takes place in Vyshgorod every year, starting from 2012. It used to be the final stage running series "Grand Prix of Kyiv Rus", and when it ceased to exist, it turned into an independent competition. This is a good opportunity not only to set another record, but also to close the running season in a good way in the company of close people and running friends, to get a charge of positive emotions for the next year.


The route of the "Yol" half-marathon is going well asphalt road along the embankment of the Kyiv Reservoir and is circular. It consists of 5 laps of 4.2 kilometers each.

Маршрут забіга "Йоль"

The participants of the half-marathon and satellite races all start simultaneously in the same corridor. The route of the "Yol" half-marathon is quite comfortable, because it is completely flat, which is ideal for closing the running season.