Містом енергетиків - “Нетішинський півмарафон "Незалежні люди"”

Energy City - “Independent People's "Netishyn Half Marathon”

Summer is sure to come to an end. I met him during "Ternopil Half Marathon", I decided to do it the same way, taking part in the next race. When writing an article about ukrainian half marathons I was able to get acquainted with each of them in detail. I had a difficult choice - to take part in a half marathon held in Netishyn or in Odessa. Both half marathons were scheduled on the last day of summer. The "Odesa Half Marathon" was held for the third time that summer, but the "Netishin Half Marathon" was organized for the first time. In fact, the "Netishin Half Marathon" was the first half marathon ever held in the Khmelnytsky region.

Why I chose “Netishin Half Marathon“? I was sure that most runners would go to Odessa. I also wanted to support the fellow countrymen who organized such an interesting and useful event for the first time. It would also be interesting to look at the city that is famous for its nuclear power plants. About 100 participants of different age categories were registered for the main distance - by the way, the oldest was the 69-year-old marathon runner.

The city of Netishin was reached by bus from Krasilov, Khmelnytsky region. The road took about three hours. What really lifted my mind was how the city met - there was a very beautiful Ukrainian-style panel at the entrance. Immediately upon arrival, I went to the “Netyshin Inovetion Hub”, where I had to pick up my starting number. I decided to stay at the "Goryn Hotel". Why did I choose him? Because the hotel had a very convenient location - it was just near the starting point of the half marathon. So I rested a little after the road at the hotel and went for a walk in the city.

The start of the "Netishin Half Marathon" was scheduled for nine o'clock in the morning near the City Hall of Culture. Running was not the first for me, but long before his start did not want to sleep, so he woke up quite early. Having collected all necessary and especially in no hurry, he went to the starting place, where the runners were already actively training. After changing his clothes and putting his belongings in the storage chamber, he completed the warm-up and waited for the last start in the 2018 summer season.

An introductory speech was received from the organizers, after which the participants of the half marathon went to the starting line. In addition to the main 21-kilometer race, 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer races were also organized. Although it rained at night, it did not leave a trace in the morning. We had to run in the heat, but only sometimes hide under the shade of trees. The “Netishin Half Marathon” route was really interesting - it was possible to fully enjoy the beauty of local landscapes, architecture, temples, and see Khmelnitsky NPP.

The entire route of the half marathon was asphalted, with small slopes and ascents along the way. There were to be two turns on the road. To keep the runners out of the way, there were volunteers at each turn, indicating in which direction they had to run further. In my opinion, they handled the organization well, with the exception of small errors. But as practice shows, not even large-scale European cross-country events are safe from this. Many water points were set up along the way, which really saved a lot while running, because the heat was just incredible.

The week before the "Netishin Half Marathon", I completed 5 pieces of training, and the track was at a comfortable pace. In the course of those training sessions, I actively tried out the plagiarism. It was not at the “Netishin Half Marathon” that I set any goals, so the main thing was to get new emotions and impressions, as well as to look at a beautiful Ukrainian town.

At first I ran quite well, but in the future I became more and more tired. The growing weakness seemed to dictate to me that I had not trained before. The usual thoughts of how much longer to run and whether or not to quit would fill your head. It was necessary to find a colleague. He didn't have to make any effort at all because he found me and spoke to me. My companion for the half marathon was runner Viktor Gavrilov from Lviv. We ran a few kilometers in conversations, which made the journey a little easier and then ran, then overtaking, then overtaking each other.

He finished in front of me, and just a few minutes after him, I crossed the finish line. But he overcame another half marathon in his life.

After that, we rested in anticipation of the "Netishin Half Marathon" participants' awards and took photos in memory. After finishing all the runners began the awarding. This was unusual, because the finishers are usually given rewards immediately after crossing the finish line. But this time the organizers decided to hold an award on the stage, where all the participants gathered. This is the highlight of small cross-country events - not only the winners but also everyone who participated in the half marathon could become part of the holiday.

The “Netishin Half Marathon” ended and I returned to my hotel to gather and go home. While waiting for the bus at the stop, I met the runner up in the half marathon - Svetlana Makovoz. After a little chat with her, I got on the bus that was to take me to Khmelnytskyi.

It was safe to say that the summer season of 2018 was successfully closed with a very successful half-marathon, which left only pleasant memories and impressions.