Природній біг

Natural running


As you know, running is a sport that develops almost all muscle groups, but it is also the most traumatic of all sports. What's the reason? Firstly, the fact that you need to run properly, because thousands of steps taken incorrectly will not bring any benefit, on the contrary, they overload bones, muscles, and ligaments. As a result, it can end in disaster - pain and injuries begin, and many people eventually quit the sport.

natural running running book

Secondly, sports shoe manufacturers are releasing the latest developments one after the other, designed to redistribute the impact load: hyper-elastic soles, thickened heels, powerful arch supports. But none of this will help if you have incorrect running technique. The impact load will not go away, it will simply be transferred higher - to the knees, hip joints, and spine.

The best running is natural. The human foot also has a naturally occurring cushioning capacity that needs to be utilised. This book describes in detail the various problems that runners can experience, how to solve them, and provides exercises and tips for choosing the right running shoe.

Key quotes:

Mistakes while running lead to an increased expenditure of strength and energy, consumption of more oxygen and more active work of the cardiovascular system compared to the same rate when using a rational technique.