Мобільні додатки для заняття бігом

Mobile apps for running

As soon as I became interested in running in 2017, I immediately installed it on my smartphone mobile app for running. I did this in order to always have a device at hand that would show basic data in real time during training. Of course, the advent of smartphones and mobile applications has greatly simplified this process for them, and now everyone can do it without problems, know their speed or mileage, mileage or the number of calories burned, etc.

Today any of mine scamper it starts with me going into my running app on my phone to track various metrics, collect analytics after a workout. Therefore, in this article I decided to share with you the most interesting and useful ones applications for running, who have ever met me.

runkeeperSimple and convenient to use mobile application from the company "Asics", with which you can track distance, monitor speed and pace, count the number of calories burned and help track progress with the help of analytics. The application makes various graphs and accumulates data during use, conducting a detailed analysis. If you have a fitness bracelet, then RunKeeper” will display your heart rate during exercise. The program also notifies about personal records, which can be shared on social networks if desired.

runtastic"Runtastic" mobile app, which was developed by Adidas, has a wide range of functions for tracking running progress. So, with its help, you can use real-time GPS tracking, set specific goals, make a training diary, track key indicators and use analytics. The application also has an integrated music player. For each run, the user has the opportunity to independently set the goal and the required distance, as well as set up a favorite playlist. The achieved results can be published in social networks. During the run, the voice assistant gives hints and reports on progress.

nike +"Nike +" is it mobile application, which is probably the most packed with all possible functions: GPS tracking, statistics (pace, mileage — both overall and for each workout, the number of calories burned, etc.). In addition, it offers some completely unique bonuses, such as an audio guide to control the pace, telling different stories during the run. You can also use it to receive motivational quotes from top Nike trainers and encouraging shouts from friends during your run.


The "Endomondo" running app from Under Armor is another useful one application for lovers of running and professional athletes. It tracks the training route and records all parameters (time, distance, speed, pace, calories, altitude, etc.), and also provides analytics in the form of various graphs.

pumatracThe "PumaTrac" mobile application allows you to train anywhere with the famous ambassadors of the company. In the list of exercises, in addition to running, yoga, pilates, boxing and strength training. The application is available for various mobile devices running on the iOS and Android platforms. With its help, the user can monitor his own heart rate, distance traveled, altitude differences or calories burned. Running has never been so easy! The more you train with the Puma team, the more precise the exercises they choose for you. It will help you get stronger, move faster and go further. In addition, you can link your PumaTrac account to your social media profile to share your results with your friends.

polar flowThanks to another application “Polar Flow” you will be able to lead training diary, record your goals and achievements in it, get a brief overview of the training process and have a detailed analysis of its results. The program makes weekly summaries, and you can also share the main moments of training with your friends, which is also in the "Flow" community.

garmin connectMobile application “Garmin Connect” is one of the leaders in popularity among runners, as it was created by the manufacturer of sports and tourism watches Garmin for professional athletes and all people who monitor their form, for everyone who constantly keeps the body in good shape. With its help, you can create new workouts, cover distance, track activity, etc., that is, everything you need for daily improvement.

stravaAnother smartphone app to help track the training route and record all the necessary parameters (time, distance, speed, pace, calories, height, etc.). In addition, you can comment on your friends' workouts and receive the same messages from them during your run.

mapmyrun“MapMyRun” – mobile app for running enthusiasts from Under Urmor, which can become your reliable friend and helper on the way to achieving your dreams. With its help, you can track your own running routes via GPS, monitor pace and distance, heart rate if you connect a heart rate sensor, watch the progress of friends and family, participate in virtual competitions, being in any part of the globe.

fitnesssyncerhaving running app with FitnessSyncer, you don't need to spend money on a personal trainer. He himself will determine your needs and level of physical fitness using a set of simple questions at the end of each training session. Thus, each subsequent training will become more difficult, without causing the body to overexert itself in order to achieve the maximum result.

reliveThe “Relive” application, in addition to general functions, will help you create a beautiful 3D-video from the run or competitions. With its help, you can also make an advanced report on sports achievements and share them on social networks with friends and acquaintances.

charity milesThe mobile application "Charity Miles" was created in order to improve not only your body, but also the whole world. He will help those who find themselves in a difficult situation. To do this, you need to download the application, choose a charity, turn on GPS and run. Each mile (1.6 km) equals a small amount that a sponsor will donate to a charitable project. The more you run, the more you help people.

rockmyrun“RockMyRun” mobile application for true music lovers, who like to run. In the program, you get access to a large music collection, where you can choose tracks for your running speed or heart rate.

run tracker“Run Tracker” – a mobile application for running with a very user-friendly interface, with which you can track various parameters during a run. The application tracks the running route, distance, pace, calories burned, heart rate, saves running history and has many other features. The app has access to your music player as well as a voice assistant to help you reach your goal.