Зворотні посилання та методи їх отримання на сайт

Backlinks and methods of their creation on the site

If you want to improve positions your site in search results and at the same time make it more visible to users, then you need to pay attention to back links (link building). Because this is one of the ways in which search engines determine which sites should be shown to the user in the first place, is the analysis of backlinks. The presence of backlinks to the site allows you to raise its authority and position in the search engine and, accordingly, it will attract more users to the site from the search.

зворотні посилання

Building quality backlinks (link building) is a rather complicated and troublesome process, but if you want the site to occupy the first positions in search results, then it is impossible to do without it. Therefore, in today's article I want to consider the main methods of link building, which in turn can be divided into free and paid.

Acquaintance with link building methods, let's start by getting acquainted with free methods:

Placement of links in social networks

Use of social networks — one of the most simple and affordable ways to get backlinks to the site and increase the visibility of the site in search results.

Registration in catalogs

One of the oldest ways to promote a site without a budget and at the same time the easiest - registration of the site in thematic catalogs. This allows not only to get additional backlinks to the site, but also to improve the citation index (IC) and the position of the site in search engine results.

Guest posting

Another way to promote a site without a budget - guest post. This method allows you to post your article on a third-party blog, which allows you not only to get good backlinks and referral traffic, but also to increase the visibility of your resource among Internet users.

Comments from forums and blogs

Keep pace building backlinks links in forum and blog comments help. Although the effectiveness of this method has decreased in recent years, this method still helps to increase the visibility of the site and attract the target audience (CA).

Placing a link in an article, news or press release

Placing articles, news, press releases on the Internet will help increase the visibility and expertise of your site.

Placement of links in services with questions and answers

The main usefulness of question and answer services in the context of promoting your site is not so much in the generation of backlinks, but in increasing its recognition, as well as in traffic to the target page.

Exchange links

Another one of the free ways building backlinks is the exchange of links and articles between sites based on agreements.

In addition to free methods of building backlinks, there are also paid methods of site promotion:

Buying links through services

If you need to quickly increase the number of backlinks, it is most effective to contact services for buying links.


Outreach - a method of obtaining backlinks, which is based on direct interaction with the owners of interesting resources for placement - sites and blogs. Links obtained through outreach are perceived by search bots as natural and have a positive effect on the project's organic ranking.


Another quite popular method of getting backlinks to the site is to create a Private Blog Network (PBN). The task of PBN networks is to simply link to the main resource. PBN networks usually use sites not created from scratch, but so-called drops - sites whose domain name has not been renewed for some reason.