Прогулянка набережною річки Ніл - "Cairo Marathon"

Walk along the Nile embankment - "Cairo Marathon"

When I was planning a calendar for the next one at the beginning of the year running season, then decided to take part in some interesting and unusual for me marathon. As you know, in the winter there are not many such competitions in running due to weather conditions. Therefore, we had to focus on the events held in Turkey and Egypt during this period. In January-February in Turkey, unfortunately, no marathons are held, and in March marathon in Antalya I was lucky enough to take part last year. So, Egypt remained. As many as three are held in this country marathon races during the year: at the beginning of the year in Luxor and Cairo, and in autumn in Alexandria.

Most of all I wanted to visit Luxor because of the opportunity to see a lot of interesting historical monuments. However, as it turned out, getting to this city is not so easy: you need to make two transfers in Istanbul and Cairo. So I stopped at the Cairo Marathon. “Cairo Marathon” is held annually in January, starting in 2014, in the capital of Egypt. Each time it gathers more and more participants from around the world. When I was interested in this event, I learned that in 2015, the 777 running challenge took place here (7 marathons 7 continents 7 days). So I had to dismiss all doubts and start a new running season with marathon in Cairo.

Route “Cairo Marathon” runs along the picturesque embankment of the Nile. It begins and ends in the garden of Chorea. During the marathon, each participant has the opportunity not only to enjoy the sporting events themselves, but also to see beautiful scenery and landmarks in the city center, such as Qasr el Nile, Manial Palace, Talaat Harb and Cairo Opera House, St. George, Egyptian Geological Museum, and so on Roda Island and the University Bridge.

Features of the route and the level of organization of the event

The marathon track is well paved and, most importantly, this year it was certified by the Egyptian Athletics Federation (EAF). Cairo Marathon route consists of one circle, where participants run 21 kilometers in one direction, then turn on the University Bridge and run in the opposite direction. The organization of the running event, as athletes say, is improving every year and generally meets international standards. During the entire distance every 5 kilometers there are hydration and nutrition points, where, in addition to water and isotonics, you can also eat local fruits. There are also volunteers who help all participants and guests of the competition.

cairo marathon map

Registration for the event is, as in any other marathon, online on the official website of the Cairo Marathon marathoncairo.com or on its web page facebook, the participation fee is from $ 30 per person. In addition, each participant can choose the most comfortable distance for themselves, in addition to the traditional 42 kilometers, there are also distances of 21 and 10 kilometers. This is suitable for beginners or for less trained athletes to test their strength for endurance.

For me personally, meeting Cairo was not the first. Last year I took part in a half marathon “Pyramids Half Marathon”, whose route passes through Giza plateau. This time my trip was almost no different from last year. In the evening I flew from Kiev to Istanbul, and the next morning from Istanbul to Cairo. The only thing you had to do was have a negative PCR test to be allowed on board the plane and walk in a mask all the time.

In Cairo, I passed passport control and went to my place of residence - a room in the Grand Nile Tower Hotel, which I had booked in advance. My participation in the Cairo Marathon was scheduled for the next Friday. Early in the morning I woke up and hurried to the starting town to get my starting number and start a running adventure through the old town. Some athletes got their starter packs earlier on Wednesday, but I was on my way at the time. So, I got my starting package before the marathon.

At 6:15 local time, the Cairo Marathon started, and a little later the participants started at other distances.

How do I remember "Cairo Marathon"?

Each such competition has its own characteristics that characterize it and will be remembered for a long time. “Cairo Marathon” is no exception. What I want to emphasize:

But despite these little things, in general, I have only positive emotions from the competition in Cairo. Five hours and 48 minutes after the start of the race, I finally crossed the finish line of the fifth Cairo Marathon. At the finish line, I, like every athlete, had memorable awards, fruit treats, water and rest from the Egyptian sun and cars. It was very interesting running adventure, a real African marathon in a treasure trove of personal memories and impressions!

If you are looking for thrills, and do not imagine your own life without running even in winter, you should try your hand at the following “Cairo Marathon”. You will definitely not regret it.

Get ready, train and move on - get new unforgettable impressions, experiences and interesting acquaintances! 

Glad if my experience was useful and interesting for you.