Марафони Болгарії

Marathons of Bulgaria

I thought for a long time about which new country to start my acquaintance with this running season. As a result, he decided to stop at Bulgaria. 

I decided to start getting acquainted with Bulgarian races with marathons. Therefore, I decided to familiarize myself with the Bulgarian marathons in more detail, and at the same time see what interesting starts Bulgaria can offer during the running season for a distance of 42 kilometers. You can get acquainted with them in more detail below:

  • Official name: Start Zagora Marathon
  • Venue: Stara Zagora
  • Date: April
  • Distance: 42, 21 and 10 km.
  • Entry fee: from 30 €
  • Site: marathonstarazagora.com

Marathon “Start Zagora Marathon” take place every year in April in the town of Stara Zagora, starting from 2017. As part of the running event, races are held not only on the main one marathon distance, as well as 21 and 10 kilometers for less trained athletes and beginners. The main motto of this marathon,  Running is a way of life. The route of the main distance consists of 4 laps. The start and finish are located near the city municipality. Each participant receives a commemorative medal and a branded t-shirt.

  • Official name: Varna Marathon
  • Venue: Varna
  • Date: May
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 10 km.
  • Entry fee: from 38 €
  • Website: marathonvarna42km.com

Varna Marathon - a road race that takes place every May in the resort city of Varna on the Black Sea coast. If desired, its participants can choose one of the types of routes, a classic marathon distance of 42 kilometers, a half-marathon and a 10-kilometer race. The marathon route consists of 4 laps passing through city streets, parks and the city embankment.

  • Official name: Pleven Marathon
  • Venue: Pleven
  • Date: May
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 10 km.
  • Entry fee: from 38 €
  • Website: plevenmarathon.com

Pleven Marathon – another road race that takes place in the spring in May in the city of Pleven. The Friendship Marathon, as it is also called, was started in 2014 for child support with limited intellectual abilities. It includes not only the classic marathon distance of 42.2 kilometers, but also a half marathon and a 10 kilometer race.

  • Official name: Kyustendil Marathon
  • Venue: Kyustendil
  • Date: September
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 8 km.
  • Entry fee: from 38 €
  • Website: runbulgar.com

Kyustendil Marathon a running event that takes place every year in September in the city of Kyustendil. She promotes a healthy lifestyle and sports. Both professional athletes and amateurs can take part in the 42-, 21- and 8-kilometer running competitions.

  • Official name: Sofia Marathon
  • Venue: Sofia
  • Date: October
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 10 km.
  • Entry fee: from 38 €
  • Website: marathonsofia.com

Sofia Marathon - a marathon that counts one of the oldest in Bulgaria. It has been held for more than 30 years in autumn in October in the city of Sofia. The route of the marathon runs through the central streets of the capital, past the most famous architectural and historical monuments, such as the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, the National Palace of Culture, the monument to the Tsar the Liberator, etc. The organizers offer participants three types of distances: a marathon, a half-marathon and a 10-kilometer race.    

  • Official name: Plovdiv Marathon
  • Venue: Пловдив
  • Date: October
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 10 km.
  • Entry fee: from 38 €
  • Website: marathonplovdiv.com

Plovdiv Marathon another road race held in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv in autumn at the end of October. As part of the event, there are competitions in three types of running disciplines: a marathon, a half-marathon and a 10-kilometer race.