Встигнути за час - "Ltava Run Racing"

In time - "Ltava Run Racing"

Before participating in “Ltava Run Racing” he finished in many different races, whose distance was clearly defined - 5/10/21/30/42 kilometers. But there are also a lot of running events that are organized in a completely different way, such as running on time. The format of such a race is determined by the maximum number of kilometers that participants will cover in a given time - 1/3/6/12/24/48 hours.

This time I decided to experiment and take part in such a running format - running for a certain time. Last year I learned about such running events for the first time, after which I wanted to take part in such an event. He decided to start his acquaintance with this format of races with the Poltava running event - "Ltava Run Racing". Race "Ltava Run Racing” was mainly interested in the fact that you need to run here for one hour. Although one hour is quite a short time, but to get acquainted with the new format is just what you need.


vseprobegi.org - It was on this website that you had to register to participate in “Ltava Run Racing”. Also on the site you could learn the history and features of this running event.


I arrived in Poltava in the morning on the day of the race. Upon arrival, I immediately went to the starting town of the race, which is located at the local karting track "Ltava" This was not the first race for me in a similar location - the first was “Petropavlivsʹkyy half marathon", which was held in Kyiv at the "Chayka" autodrome in 2018.

As you approached the kart track, you could see from afar that the facility was a bit neglected. This is because it has not been funded or maintained in good condition for a long time. But it is gratifying that this location has survived to this day and has not become another mall or residential complex, and continues to work little by little.

I arrived at the starting town quite early. It was still being set up: tents were set up, the route was marked and the stage was mounted. It was very interesting to watch what is usually left behind the scenes for participants in running events.

Picking up your starter pack, which included the participant's number, chip, cookies, and water. After that, intensive preparations for the start began. A small warm-up was held before the start of the race. Then there was the start for children and only after that, the main race for adults started.

The "Ltava Run Racing" track was paved and was a kilometer-long circle with a hydration station at the end. The whole route was in the open without the slightest hint of shade. Therefore, the organizers installed two water sprays that would allow athletes to refresh themselves while running.

This is the first time I have encountered this format of the race. All I knew about him was that the more miles I could run in a certain amount of time, the better. On the first lap I "got acquainted" with the track, after which I began to accelerate a little. I did not neglect hydration stations and tried not to avoid sprays, because it was very hot.

What can I say - about twelve circles flashed very uniformly. After the third lap, the run turned into a run from one hydration station to another to quench thirst and continue on its way. Meanwhile, you run under the sprays to freshen up. That's how one hour passed.


I wouldn't say that I really like running in a circle, but "Ltava Run Racing" gave new impressions and left behind pleasant and positive emotions. The organization of the running event was at a very high level: the organizers thought through and calculated everything as it should so that even the scorching heat did not interfere with the participants.

I also liked the location where everything took place, the same track: it was convenient to run, but from time to time I even imagined how this route is conquered by go-karts. The support of the spectators is especially noteworthy because they were very well motivated and encouraged not to stop, run faster, and overcome one lap after another.

And the main thing that I liked the most is the format of the race. Runners are given a kilometer circle and one hour - everyone decides what pace to keep and what distance to cover. It was such a very interesting organizational decision that "Ltava Run Racing" gave me not only good impressions but also a new experience.