Ltava Run Racing

Ltava Run Racing

There is a saying that all important changes in life happen when we step out of our comfort zone. That is, until a stressful situation occurs, we cannot and do not want to move and change something for the better.

Run “Ltava Run Racing” can be considered anti-stress, because it is running in circles. So, it will be difficult to stray from the right route. It has a home, one might say, almost family format of a running event, where every participant will be comfortable and comfortable to cover the remaining kilometers to the finish line.

The organizers have made every effort to make running enjoyable for you. Each athlete has only one lap and one hour to cover the longest distance. The main thing is to decide in advance what your goal is, do you want an undisputed victory, do you want to set your own record, make a decent debut or just enjoy the process itself.

Information about the race


“Ltava Run Racing” is a hour race, which was held for the first time in June 2018 at the "Ltava" kart track and has been held every year since then. The running club "Running Club Poltava" acted as the organizer. 122 participants gathered at the first start in its history. In 2019, the second edition of the "Ltava Run Racing" race took place, which gathered even more athletes - 194 participants who showed the courage to conquer the track that is usually not conquered by runners, but by karts, motorcycles or cars.


The route of the race runs along the well-paved flat track of the "Ltava" kart track. The distance of one circle is one kilometer. The organizers provided hydration points at the beginning of each lap. Registration takes place online on the official website of the competition and requires the potential participant to pay a registration fee.