Leiden Marathon

Leiden Marathon

Leiden Marathon Is a well-known event in the sports world, which takes place regularly every spring in the Netherlands. Every year the level of organization of the marathon in Leiden improves, the route of the marathon is fully marked, it provides points of hydration, nutrition. Security guards and medical staff are on call throughout the distance. At the end of the competition, each participant receives commemorative medals and souvenirs. Leiden Marathon, like any other similar competition, is a good opportunity for an athlete to test their strength and level of training, as well as gain invaluable experience and meet the same athletes from around the world. In addition, marathon in Leiden - is an opportunity to touch history, see new and interesting cities in Europe, enjoy the beauty of nature and the surrounding area. 

Information about the race


The Leiden Marathon was started in 1991 by the Leiden Road Runners Club, whose members, first attending the New York City Marathon, were inspired by its impressive atmosphere, number of participants and good organization, and wished to have something similar in their homeland.

Leiden Marathon

Every year, the Leiden Marathon gathers more and more participants. In recent years, their number was over 12 thousand. In addition to the 42-kilometer marathon, which is the main feature of the Leiden Marathon, there are 21-kilometer (half marathon) running competitions. 


Маршрут марафона "Leiden Marathon"

Leiden Marathon is distinguished not only by its long history, but also by perhaps the most beautiful route among many other marathons. Start and finish Leiden Marathon are located in the heart of the ancient city with a 900-year history, which, incidentally, was born and lived to 12 years of the great Dutch artist Rembrandt. The distance is a well-paved road through the picturesque terrain and the typical landscape of the country - polders with windmills, connecting Leiden and 9 beautiful surrounding villages of the Green Heart of the Netherlands.