Бігова серія "Легенда Броварського Лісу"

Running series "Legend of Brovary Forest"

I first got to know Brovary Forest in 2018 when I took part in the race "Autumn leaf"later, my acquaintance continued thanks to the spring "Spring Forest" eco-trail and autumn eco-trail "Colours of Autumn", I was also fortunate enough to participate in. This allowed me to make my own personal impression of this location. Firstly, the forest near Brovary is distinguished by its beautiful nature, and secondly, it is a kind of sacred place for everyone Ukrainian runners, it was here 50 years ago that Ukraine's first half marathon "Autumn Leaf" was held, which still continues to exist and is the oldest 21-kilometre race in our country.

біг бровари

In addition to the aforementioned sporting event, there are several other interesting ones running competitions, the forestry also hosts a number of events that promote the sport, including the autumn race "Colours of Autumn", the summer trail race "Forest Trails", etc. Over time, the forestry in Brovary has not only become a cult place for Ukrainian runners, but has also turned into a kind of custodian running traditions Ukraine. Here they have been closely protected for almost half a century, and new pages of running history are being opened. We are talking about the running series "The Legend of Brovary Forest", which was launched not so long ago. It takes place on the territory of Brovary forestry and unites the three previously mentioned trail races:

Eco-trail "Spring Forest" - an annual cross-country race of 12 and 6 kilometres

  • Official name: trail "Forest Paths"
  • Venue: Brovary (Ukraine)
  • Distances: 5 km.
  • Entry fee: –
  • Date: August
  • Coating: rough terrain
  • Website: runbrovary.com.ua

Trail race "Forest Paths" - is a trail race held annually in Brovary at the end of August. It is a 5km cross-country race

Eco-trail "Colors of Autumn" - is the final race of the series, which takes place every year in October. The programme includes three races of 24, 14 and 6 kilometres. The trail route runs through the same Brovary forestry.

Running series "Legend of Brovary Forest" is interesting for running enthusiasts because it allows them to run through an interesting forest location, where participants can enjoy the surrounding nature and see the beauty of the forest in Brovary in different seasons, visit one of the iconic running locations and touch the running history of Ukraine. Participants who manage to conquer all three races will be awarded the title "Legend of Brovary Forest" and a special award. In addition, each participant will be awarded points after each race of the series. Those who get the most points based on the results of all the races will be additionally awarded.