Larnaka Marathon

Larnaka Marathon

“Larnaka Marathon” are competitions that have always been distinguished by a good level of organization and security. On time running a marathon the track is completely closed to traffic, along the entire distance there are doctors, volunteers, rescue services, etc. Participating in this event is definitely a good experience. This is an opportunity to test yourself on the marathon distance, exchange impressions with other participants, see new places and people, help the organizers in promoting a healthy lifestyle and protecting the environment.

Information about the race


Marathon in Larnaca – the first green marathon in Cyprus. Its organizers promote it healthy lifestyle, reuse of resources, caring for the environment, etc. The marathon takes place every fall in the month of November, starting from 2017. As part of the event, a marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers and a half marathon of 21.097 kilometers are held, and satellite race for 10 kilometers. In general, this event gathers more than 4,500 athletes from different parts of the world every year. In 2020, the competition did not take place due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

Registration for the marathon in Larnaca, it takes place in the traditional way for many experienced athletes, online on the official one website of the marathon. At the same time, it is necessary to pay the registration fee, the amount of which varies from 25 to 50 euros depending on the date of registration and the type of discipline. Upon arrival at the competition venue, each athlete receives a start package, which includes a start number (for those who chose early registration, the starting number is nominal), a branded T-shirt, a backpack with souvenirs from sponsors. After the competition, in addition to commemorative prizes, diplomas and medals, athletes have the opportunity to use the services of a massage therapist.


Route "Larnaka Marathon” has a quality certificate AIMS. It is mostly a well-paved road with small sections of cobblestones. It consists of two circles: one large circle of 31 kilometers and one small circle of 11 kilometers. There are small ups and downs on the route. The race is underway through the streets of the city (the finish line is next to the municipality building), the seaside embankment, next to the salt lake.

larnaka marathon map

Therefore under marathon time participants have the opportunity not only to admire beautiful landscapes, architectural monuments, such as the medieval Ottoman fortress, St. Lazarus Cathedral, Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, but also to see whole flocks live pink flamingos. Every 2.5 kilometers, starting from 5 kilometers, there are hydration and nutrition points, where each athlete has the opportunity to replenish himself with water, juice, fruit or isotonic.

Marathon brochure

Below is a small brochure in which I decided to briefly collect the most interesting information about the marathon in Larnaca, which may be interesting for runners who have decided to take part in this race.