Маленький Ультрамарафончик - "Київський ультрамарафон"

Little Ultramarathon - "Kyiv Ultramarathon"

How does a runner test his strength and endurance? Choose a distance you have never conquered! That's exactly what I did when I was composing running calendar for the summer. That's when I stumbled upon it “Kyiv Ultramarathon”where runners compete in distances up to 100 kilometers. From the first attempt to register for the longest race, he did not dare, so from the three available distances - 25, 50, and 100 kilometers - he chose 25 kilometers. I decided to try my hand at this distance because before that I ran only half marathons, which is 21 kilometers. However, it is time to test your strength at a greater distance.

In general, ultramarathons are all races over a distance of more than the traditional 42,195 kilometers. Many of them are held all over the world, but most of them are amateur. The International Athletics Federation (IAAF) sets world records in the 100-kilometer race alone. Now the best result of running at a distance of 100 kilometers is the time of marathoner Nao Kazami from Japan, who in 2018 managed to overcome this distance with a time of 6:09:14.

But let's go back to Kyiv, to Trukhaniv Island, where “Kyiv Ultramarathon“. This competition is a great opportunity to test yourself over extra long distances. And also - an opportunity to get official results that will allow you to qualify for international competitions. "This is a traditional test of the strength of spirit, endurance and strength of runners," say the organizers of the Kyiv Ultramarathon.

Kyiv Ultramarathon held on Trukhanov Island in Kyiv. The track on its territory is accessible and compact, which allows you to comfortably accommodate not only runners but also their support groups. Small differences in height add to the drive of the competition, which requires the right tactics - to properly deploy forces on the distance and set a personal record.

Chose the distance? Time to register and prepare!

As soon as I decided I wanted to try a longer distance than usual, I immediately registered. You could do it in just a few minutes on the site kyivultramarathon.com.

On the eve of the race, I visited Trukhanov Island and took my starting number. And, taking the opportunity, he immediately spent his own little training there before the competition.

The race was easy for me

Participants of the main distance - 100 kilometers, ran on Saturday. I had to start at 8 am on Sunday, because it was the last of all possible distances. I will not say that the weather that day was pleasant - it was raining - but it did not prevent me from completing the task and running the entire distance. But despite this weather annoyance, everything went great - the race was really easy for me. He was in no hurry, kept a medium pace, and covered the first 3 miles in 23 minutes. Although, of course, running in the rain is another pleasure: I didn't have time to start, but I'm already wet.

56 minutes after the start I had already covered 7 miles. In general, the distance of 25 kilometers was run with a result of 02:25:05. Although the route was 4 kilometers longer than usual, this figure amused me. He managed to see the landscapes of Trukhanov Island on the first lap, so the next lap he ran on a machine gun.

During the second lap I met Oleksandr Rekal on the track. This is a silver medalist of one of the most extreme in athletics of the 12-hour race. After the finish, Alexander and I met again, greeted and exchanged impressions about the ultramarathon.

I recommend this ultramarathon to those who want to try something new

The Kyiv ultramarathon became a kind of test for me. How do I run a new distance? Will it be difficult for me? Will there be enough motivation? I found the answer to all these questions, was able to assess myself and understand where to move next. A pleasant impression from the picturesque route became a bonus to the race. The organization of the track and the starting and finishing town was also pleasing.

In general, I recommend this race to those who want to test themselves in the distances of 25, 50 or 100 kilometers. Even beginners have nothing to worry about - a flat and asphalt road everywhere will help to overcome the distance with a good result. Believe in yourself, test yourself and love running!