Kryvbas Stone Trails League

Kryvbas Stone Trails League

Ukraine hosts a fairly large number of interesting trail races. Some of them are combined into trail series, which makes participation in them more convenient, in my opinion. For all the time I've been running, I've managed to get acquainted with many Ukrainian trail series, including “Wild”, “Multiki Trail League” and “Kremen Trail League”. All of them include the so-called urban trail races, which take place in the vicinity of various cities and towns in Ukraine and have distances of up to 50 kilometres with a small gain in altitude.

In addition to the above-mentioned trail series, there is another series in Ukraine that deserves special attention, namely the Kryvbas Stone Trails League (KSTL). It is organised by the Ukrainian Bike Family running club (UBF RUN). The series also consists of so-called urban trails, but it is not like any other similar sporting event in our country. History “Kryvbas Stone Trails League” (KSTL) was launched in 2018 in Kryvyi Rih. Its main highlight is the opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the industrial heritage and enjoy the unique natural landscape of the city.

Trail race routes The series takes place in picturesque places of the Ingulets River valley, along the trails of the Karachunivsky forest, and along a flooded granite quarry. Participants have the opportunity to climb dumps, descend into gullies, run through plantations, and enjoy the surrounding industrial landscapes and views.

To the series “Kryvbas Stone Trails League” includes three trail races:

The trail series "Kryvbas Stone Trails League" starts with a trail “White Stone Trail”, the route runs through the picturesque places of the Ingulets River valley, along the flooded granite quarry, along the trails of the Karachunivsky forest with descents into the gullies on the reservoir bank. "White Stone Trail is considered to be the most light among all the trails in the series. Therefore, it is very convenient for beginners, those participants who do not have much experience in such competitions and want to try their hand at cross-country running.

The second trailer in the series is a trailer called “Black Stones Trail”. Its route runs through the territory of the Vizyrka landscape reserve and consists of narrow winding paths, ascents and descents of varying difficulty. There are many picturesque landscapes and underground stone tunnels around. In addition, the participants will see stunning sandy areas of the Shyrokivsky pine forest, swamps, a grove of thirteen beams, and a climb to the top of the Ingulets quarry dumps, with breathtaking views and panoramas.

The final trail race of the series is called “Red Stones Trail”where participants will find forest trails, red roads, descents into quarries, ascents to dumps, beams, landings, industrial landscapes with sinkholes and active quarries that can be viewed from a bird's eye view. There are many exciting adventures and industrial landscapes waiting for the athletes, so you are guaranteed a good experience and pleasant memories that will last a lifetime.

Registration for participation in the "Kryvbas Stone Trails League" trail series takes place online. You have to pay a registration fee, the amount of which depends on the date of registration and the chosen discipline. The organisers offer discounts for package registration, i.e. for all races together.