Різдвяний Трейл "Щедрик"

Christmas Trail "Shchedryk"

Christmas Trail "Shchedryk" is an annual competition with trail competitions, which are held at the beginning of each year in January in Kremenets, Ternopil region. The main organizer of the "Kremenets Trail" race, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and active sports. In addition, the trail race itself every year has some charitable goal - collecting funds for seriously ill places or, for example, supporting the bone marrow donor bank in Ukraine.

Information about the race


In order to participate in christmas trail "Schedryk" you must leave your application on the official web page of the event. At the same time, enter your data and pay the registration fee, the amount of which depends on the date of registration and the selected distance. Upon arrival at the start site, each participant receives his start pack with his own number. For all participants, the organizers also prepared a treat in the form of cookies with honey mulled wine, a photo session and songs at the podium after awarding the winners. Therefore, these competitions always have a wonderful festive atmosphere.


Trail race route "Shchedryk" runs through the Kremenets Mountains, namely through forest and mountain paths, the track has a dirt surface. In addition, the route partly touches the town of Kremenets itself, so there are also asphalt sections. In general, the route itself is quite picturesque: past Zamkova Gora, Chernech and Volovitsa, as well as the ruins of Kremenets Castle.

маршрут трейлового забігу "Щедрик"

Running it is a pleasure, because you can simultaneously enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature around.