Трейлова серія "Kremen Trail League"

Trail series "Kremen Trail League"

As always, looking for interesting running events taking place on the territory of Ukraine, I accidentally came across trail series “Kremen Trail League”. It takes place every year in the city of Kremenchuk in the Poltava region. I liked these competitions so much, and first of all, because they take place over two months - from March to April. Therefore, I decided to definitely take part in them. Kremen Trail League is organized by a local running club “Kremen Style”.  This year, the series includes four trail races, namely:

“Kagamlyk Trail” - annual running competition for 5 kilometers, held since 2018. The race route consists of one circle that runs along the picturesque banks of the Sukhy Kahamlyk River, hence the name of the competition. In addition to adults, children from 12 years old are also allowed to participate, and this is an opportunity to overcome this distance together with your pet and get bright photos with him at the finish line. The start of the race is near the "Polo" water park, and the track itself runs along the paths of the "Ivushki" entertainment complex, which hosts all guests of the sports festival.

“Sosnivka Trail” - is the second stage of the "Kremin Trail League" trail series. This is a 10-kilometer trail race that takes place in the picturesque territory of a pine forest in the area of Malai Kokhanivka. The route of the trail race consists of two laps of 5 kilometers each. The track is mostly unpaved with small sections of asphalt. As part of the competition, starts at a distance of 5 kilometers and team races are also held. 

“Premier Trail” – the third stage of the "Kremen Trail League" trail series, which is a 15-kilometer race. The race route consists of two laps of 7.5 kilometers each, which pass through the territory of the "Studentsky" park and along the Rynkovski sand spit, which is near the local quarry. Competitions are quite interesting and well organized. Every athlete can admire the surrounding nature and picturesque landscapes.

“Deivka Trail” – the fourth and final race of the "Kremen Trail League" trail series. Its distance is 21 kilometers, that is, it is essentially a trail half-marathon. The cross-country race route consists of two laps and runs through the territory of the Dovzhik forest and its surroundings. The competition is a great ending for this one trail series, because they are distinguished by an interesting route with small ups and downs. The track is mainly dirt, but there are also high-speed asphalt sections.

In general, the trail series "Kremen Trail League" is very interesting. It consists of trails, the vast majority of which have fairly short and comfortable distances of 5 and 10 kilometers, at the same time, various routes with interesting locations near the city of Kremenchuk. In addition, the organizers prepared interesting medals and provided an opportunity to purchase a season ticket for all starts of the trail league "Kremen Trail League".