Корона Польських Півмарафонів

Crown of Polish Half Marathons


Running in 2018 half marathon in Warsaw, I started more be interested in running events in the world and in particular in Poland. Looking for interesting events for 2018 and 2019, I came across a rather interesting inscription on some Polish sites  "Crown of Polish Half Marathon", which caught my attention. KPP is a very interesting selection of 10 half marathons of Poland (in 2018, KPP included 11 half marathons. The eleventh half marathon was Grodziski Polmaraton "Slowaka"):

  • Half Marathon in Gdynia - Gdynia;
  • Slezhan Half Marathon - Sobutka;
  • Warsaw Half Marathon - Warsaw;
  • Poznan Half Marathon - Poznan;
  • Half Marathon in Bialystok - Bialystok;
  • Night Wroclaw Half Marathon - Wroclaw;
  • Half Marathon in Warbrzych - Walbrzych;
  • Half Marathon in Pila - Pila;
  • Half Marathon in Gniezno - Gniezno;
  • Krakow Half Marathon - Krakow.

KPP is interesting because it includes some of the best half marathons in Poland. All these half marathons have PZLA approved routes, two half marathons (Gdynia Half Marathon, Warsaw Half Marathon) have IAAF Label Bronze and Silver Label Road Races respectively.

In order to run KPP, you need to finish at least 5 half marathons from the above list in one calendar year. But among the completed half marathons must be:

a) at least one half marathon: Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow;
b) at least one half marathon: Bialystok, Walbrzych, Pila;
c) for at least one half marathon: Gdynia, Sobutka, Gniezno.

The deadline for applications is the end of the current year.

Registration takes place on the site online.datasport.pl. Also, to receive the medal “Korona Polskich Półmaratonów” you have to pay 37 zł if you have to send it on the territory of Poland and 52 zł if you have to send it outside Poland.

Therefore, planning my running calendar for 2019, I decided to conquer the "Crown of Polish Half Marathons" at the same time. To do this, I chose such half marathons as: half marathon in Gdynia, half marathon in Poznan, half marathon in Bialystok, half marathon in Walbrzych, half marathon in Pila, half marathon in Gniezno, half marathon in Krakow.

Current rules

In 2022, the half marathon in Warbrzych was replaced by the Grodzin Half Marathon, in addition, the division of half marathons into 3 groups was canceled. Therefore, there is no obligation to run at least 1 half marathon from each group to receive the crown.