Корона Великопольських Півмарафонів - Korona Polmaratonow Wielkopolski

Crown of Wielkopolska Half Marathons

Having visited this year Poznan Half Marathon”, I turned my attention to a rather interesting race: "Grand Prix Wielkopolski w Polmaratonie". So I decided to learn a little more about him. This Grand Prix (hereinafter KPW) combines 14 races over a distance of 21 kilometers, which take place on the territory of the Wielkopolska voivodeship of Poland. KPW is something like Crowns of Polish Half Marathons (CPP), only on the scale not of the entire country, but of a separate voivodeship. Each of the 14 half marathon courses is AIMS, IAAF or PZLA certified. Running series was founded in 2012 and has been held every year since then. It includes such races as:

map Korona Półmaratonów Wielkopolski
kwp medal

It begins running series in March with the half-marathon "Ostrow Half Marathon", and the final takes place in November during the last half-marathon of this running series "Koscian Half Marathon". It is also worth noting that this includes three half-marathons that are included in the Crown of Polish Half-Marathons (“Bieg Lechitow”, “Poznan Half Marathon”, “Half Marathon Pila”). These three half-marathons are the largest half-marathons in Poland. And the half marathon "Grodzisk Half Marathon "SLOWAKA"" is on the website run-log.com 5 stars, and in 2018 this race was included in Crowns of Polish half marathons.


gold medal gpwp

To conquer this running series and receive a bronze crown, a participant needs to complete at least 10 half-marathons from the list above. Another interesting feature is that the "Korona Polmaratonów Wielkopolski" has a cycle of 15 years, during which you can get a bronze, silver and gold crown. For the Silver crown, it is necessary to win 3 bronze crowns within 5 years, and to receive the gold one, it is necessary to become the owner of three silver crowns within 15 years. In the series of half-marathons "KWP" there is both a general classification and by age groups. The best runners in the series receive cash rewards and various prizes. For the absolute category, the best 6 runners are chosen, and for the age groups, the best 3 athletes in each group are chosen.