Бігова серія "Kharkiv Grand Prix"

Running series “Kharkiv Grand Prix”

Kharkiv is considered one of the running capitals of Ukraine for a reason, because there are many exciting events that attract runners from all over the country. In 2019, a very interesting series of races was revived here, which I want to tell you about.

I got acquainted with the Kharkiv running triad by accident. This happened in the first year, as the organizers decided to restore it after a long break. While compiling his calendar for 2019, he simply could not ignore the race, which actually opens the running season of Ukrainian city half marathons. It is about “Kharkiv Half Marathon” - without this event, my own running calendar would be incomplete.

At the end of the "Kharkiv Half Marathon", the organizers announced two more interesting half marathons as part of the "Kharkiv Grand Prix" running triad. Without hesitation, I also decided to run them - so the whole series was planned for 2019.

This is the end of my acquaintance with the "Kharkiv Grand Prix" running series. Now it is necessary to get acquainted with it in more detail. The first edition of the running triad took place in 2014 - it included three races:

  • “Kharkiv City Run” - city race with a distance of 10 km;
  • “Kharkiv Night Run” - night city race with a distance of 5 km;
  • “Kharkiv Trail Run” is a trail race with a distance of 6 km.

It is in this format that a series of Kharkiv races lasted until 2016. After that, it seemed that the triad would no longer pass through the streets of Kharkiv. But the organizers still decided to resume the running series. "Kharkiv Grand Prix" returned to the streets of Kharkiv in 2019 in an updated format to attract even more runners from all over Ukraine.

Like the previous first format of the series, the updated format of the "Kharkiv Grand Prix" consists of three different races, which have now become full-fledged half marathons:

Half Marathon “Kharkiv Half Marathon” is held at the end of March - it is the first city half marathon in Ukraine in the running season. The race track is quite exhausting - runners will have many ascents and descents. But it further increases the excitement and desire to go to the end, because this 21-kilometer race is not easy, but it is an exciting test that must be passed by every connoisseur of running.

Night half marathon “Kharkiv Night Half Marathon” - it's even more drive and excitement. It is held on the territory of the forest "Forest Park". The race track consists of two laps - one for 5 kilometers and the other for 16 kilometers. The night atmosphere makes running more interesting and gives unsurpassed exciting sensations. The organization of the half marathon demonstrates a very high level, because it is the responsibility of people who are passionate about their favorite thing. It should also be noted that the half marathon route is certified.

Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon

Trail route “Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon” simple - three circles of 7 kilometers each. The running event involves races of 21 kilometers (half marathon) and 7 kilometers - they start at the same time. Among the advantages of the race should be noted the picturesque landscapes of the forest "Forest Park", which is one of the largest in Ukraine. The route is accompanied by a large number of descents and ascents - the markings are very good, but not without tricks that make participants not only run forward, but also remember the route so as not to get lost.

In my opinion, the revival of the "Kharkiv Grand Prix" running triad is the right decision. First, it had a very good effect on the main city race "Kharkiv Half Marathon", which in accordance with its high status received an updated and really interesting and difficult track.

The previous route of the "Kharkiv Half Marathon" went to the night half marathon, which also made it an order of magnitude higher. The trail "Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon" also joined the company of these two half marathons and complemented the running triad, making it even more interesting and diverse. This is how one of the most interesting running series in Ukraine came out - “Kharkiv Grand Prix”.