Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon

Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon

Trail half marathon “Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon” - one of the youngest half marathons held in Kharkiv. This half marathon takes place mainly on ordinary terrain. Around the track - landscapes of the Kharkiv forest park, and underfoot - only trails and no paved paths. And there are complications - in the form of a small set of heights.

Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon” has two distances, the main one is 21.1 kilometers and the shorter one is 7 kilometers. Only those who are already 18 years old at the start of the race can register for the main distance. The route runs along the route of the trail stage of the “Strong Run” race, but in that competition the participants overcome this circle only once, but the participants of the half marathon have to run it three times! The set height at the main distance "Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon" is about 550 m..

Information about the race


The "Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon" was held for the first time in July 2019. Then more than 150 participants took part in the competition. In addition, the "Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon" became the third and final stage of the running series “Kharkiv Grand Prix”.  

At the end of July 2021, the half marathon in the same format will be held for the second time.


Маршрут забігу "Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon"

The "Kharkiv Trail Half Marathon" route runs along the Kharkiv route forest park. At both distances - 7 and 21.1 kilometers - the participants start from "Dynamo Polyana". Short-distance runners overcome one lap, half marathoners run three. The route runs along the paths of the forest park without any coverage. The distance is marked with a signal tape on the trees and duplicated with chalk on the ground. The control time for the half marathon is 3.5 hours. Food outlets with water, cola and bananas are located at 7 and 14 kilometers.