Kharkiv Half Marathon

Kharkiv Half Marathon

Half Marathon “Kharkiv Half Marathon”traditional spring race, which has been taking place in Kharkiv since 2017. Two different distances are available for participation, namely 21 and 5 kilometers. Half marathon is usually completed by more trained runners. The distance of 5 kilometers is chosen by those who want to try their hand at running. There are age restrictions for the distance of 21 kilometers - it can be run by people aged 18 and older. 

Every year Kharkiv Half Marathon gathers more and more participants. The first races took place at the ski resort, but in March 2019 the third half marathon gathered more than 800 participants and was moved to the city center and took place on Science Avenue. Usually at the “Kharkiv Half Marathon” regular participants of long-distance races evaluate their shape after the winter and hold a kind of control race before the start of the running season.

Information about the race


The first "Kharkiv Half Marathon" took place on March 26, 2017. Then participants could choose one of two distances - 5 km or 21 km. The race took place on the bike path of Kharkiv Forest Park (Ski base of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after GS Skovoroda). There were two half marathons, and the third - in 2019 - was held in the center of Kharkiv. In addition, in 2019 "Kharkiv Half Marathon” became one of the stages of the running series “Kharkiv Grand Prix”. In 2020, the Kharkiv Half Marathon did not take place due to a pandemic and quarantine restrictions.

The 2021 race took place on March 21, following the same route as the first two editions. A total of 350 participants joined the race in the 21-kilometer distance, and 146 participants ran the 5-kilometer distance. 


Start and finish of the "Kharkiv Half Marathon" on the bike path opposite the Velocentr stop. Those who chose 21 kilometers run two laps, namely 10 kilometers and 11,097 kilometers. Food and hydration points are located at 3, 7, 14, and 18 kilometers, as well as at the finish. At these points, participants have access to water and various fruits. There are also volunteers who help runners if necessary.