Goverla Race

Goverla Race

“Goverla Race” - this mountain race in the Carpathians, in which fans of marathons, mountains, multi-races, just fans of running and active recreation can try their hand. The event is organized in the format of a holiday for athletes, tourists and their families, because in addition to competitions in cross-country races, for participants arrange various lotteries and competitions, as well as races for children.

Trail raceGoverla Race” lasts two days. On the first day, participants compete in shorter distances - 8 and 16 kilometers. Participants start together, but run different routes: Kozmeschik - Hoverla (8 kilometers) or Kozmeschik - Petros - Hoverla (16 kilometers). On the second day of the "Goverla Race" compete those who registered for 24 kilometers. The time limit is 4 hours for 8 and 16 kilometers and 5 hours for 24 kilometers. Persons who have reached the age of 18 at the time of start are allowed to participate.

Information about the race


For the first time mountain race "Goverla Race" was held in 2013. Since then, the competition has been held for 7 years in a row - until 2019 inclusive. In 2020, the race was canceled. In the summer of 2021, the "Goverla Race" still planned to hold and even set a date and distance: June 30-31, participants had to run 24, 16 or 8 kilometers. However, closer to the start of the competition was canceled. So the race in 2019 was the last one so far.

The first competitions in 2013 included races for 7 and 14 kilometers. The following year, the distances were made longer - 8 and 16 kilometers. And such a program "Goverla Race" was traditional for 5 races. In 2019, another 24-kilometer distance joined the two traditional distances. In addition, during the mountain race there is an environmental action "Clean Hoverla" During the first 5 years, the participants of the races removed from the mountains more than 200 kilograms of garbage.


The "Goverla Race" route is unique because it includes conquest of the two highest peaks of Ukraine - Petros and Hoverla. On the first day, participants run two shorter distances - 8 kilometers with a height of 1200 meters and 16 kilometers with a height of 1200 meters. Runners start on the lawn near the Kozemschyk camp site and finish on Hoverla. However, they run different routes: 8 kilometers in the direction "Kozmeschyk - Hoverla" and 16 kilometers in the direction "Kozmeschyk - Hoverla - Petros". Both routes involve only ascent. 

The longest distance - 24 kilometers - is circular. That is, the participants start at the Kozemschik camp site, ascend to Petros, then run to Hoverla and from there descend to the finish line. The set height at this distance is 1900 meters.

The trail route is well marked. It provides 4 checkpoints, which are also hydration points. On the peaks of Petros and Hoverla are located one checkpoint, another - at the foot of both peaks.

There is a tent camp near the camp for participants, where you can stay overnight with your tent.