Вечірня прогулянка цісарським лісом - "Kaiserwald Run Cup"

Evening walk through the Kaiserwald – "Kaiserwald Run Cup"

In February, he focused his attention on trail races. There was a great desire to take part in similar competitions abroad, but due to the realities of the new times related to covid, we had to look for other options within the country. A walk took place in January Kremenets mountains, and several top ones were planned for February running events in Ukraine.

This is one of them winter trail "Wild North Way", which opens trail series "Wild". It has quite an interesting route and a cool organization, but I was already lucky enough to conquer it in 2019. Therefore, my eyes were fixed on the glorious city of Leo, where the trail race is held every year “Kaiserwald Run Cup”. It passes through the territory of the Imperial Forest on Chernechaya Gora, which was very interesting and unusual for me personally.


Registration of participation in these competitions took place in the traditional way for experienced athletes - online on the website athletic-events.com. Within the framework winter trail "Kaiserwald Run Cup" allowed you to test your strength and abilities in several types of running disciplines: on the main distance of 12 kilometers, races on 4 and 3 kilometers. In recent years, the organizers have also held a 12-kilometer relay race. The size of the registration fee depends on the type of discipline and registration period.

kaiserwald run cup

The route of the main distance of 12 kilometers consists of three laps of 4 kilometers and passes through the forest paths of the Kaiserwald. The track has numerous ascents and descents with a maximum height of up to 345 meters. The start and finish are in the same place. The very atmosphere in which they take place adds a special charm to the competitions: darkness, swamp, flashlights, snow, bograch...


My adventures in Kaiserwald began on Friday evening at the Kyiv railway station, from where I took a train to the glorious city of Leva. In the morning he met me with good weather. Since the competitions themselves had a night format, I could enjoy walking through the cozy streets of Lviv all day, admiring the beauty of architecture, etc.

біг у львові

After checking into the hotel and walking around the city, I set off for the main goal of my trip – the starting point of the Kaiserwald Run Cup trail, which was set up on the territory of the Znesinnia park. Here, at 3 p.m., the distribution of starting packets to all participants of the trail began, and the start itself took place at 6 p.m. It was from that moment that the most interesting began. I turned on my headlamp and immersed myself completely running adventures, who were waiting for me on the evening hills of Kaiserwald.

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The trail route, in addition to the ascents and descents I mentioned earlier, had one more surprise in its arsenal. Since this year the trail “Kaiserwald Run Cup” was the second trail for me after "Schedryk" Christmas Trail, after which only a week passed and the distance from each other was insignificant. So, I decided not to change my old ones trail running shoes with a worn tread. The main argument was the fact that there was not much snow and we would rather have to run along slightly snow-dusted paths. But it didn't happen as expected. The first mile or so was like this, as you run along the snow-dusted trail of the evening Kaiserwald and enjoy the surrounding nature, another up and down. But further on, the main surprise awaited all participants - ice on the Kaiserwald hills.

kaiserwald run cup

Of course, I didn't want to give up the chance to run through the crisis, so I took advantage of it as much as I could. As you know, the duo of ice and a worn tread of sneakers is not a good idea, but I enjoyed a leisurely run in the evening park. After getting acquainted with such a surprise, I tried to develop a certain strategy for myself, how to properly overcome the remaining two offensive circles.

Therefore, the following rounds of the “Kaiserwald Run Cup” trail went something like this for me: for the first mile of a new round, I prepared to meet the ice, tried to escape from those athletes who were behind and catch up with those who were ahead. Then there was a leisurely run across the ice field, which was more like an attempt not just to run, but also to stay on one's feet and not fall. In the last half-mile before the new lap, the main task was to overtake those who passed you on the "ice field", and then the last lap and all over again. Reach the finish line of the trail "Kaiserwald Run Cup" I managed 1 hour 38 minutes after the start. There, pleasant bonuses were waiting for all participants: delicious bograch, tea and various goodies.


Lviv trail race "Kaiserwald Run Cup" left a very pleasant impression. First of all, this concerns the interesting format of the competition, the unusual atmosphere and conditions in which they are held and, accordingly, the opportunity to gain interesting experience. Before that, I took part in two night road half-marathons (“Kharkiv Night Half Marathon” and “Night Marathon-Fest”), but the "Kaiserwald Run Cup" impressed not only because it was held at night, but also because of the season. The highlight of the competition was the section of the track covered with ice. It is also worth noting the good marking of the track, the high level of organization and the work of volunteers who constantly helped the athletes and guided them in the right direction.