Kaiserwald Run Cup

Kaiserwald Run Cup

“Kaiserwald Run Cup” is an annual trail race held in Lviv at the beginning of the running season. The main highlight of these competitions is that they are held not only in harsh winter conditions, but also in the dark part of the day - in the evening. Therefore, in addition to the necessary equipment, each participant should also have a flashlight with him.

Information about the race


“Kaiserwald Run Cup” – an annual trail race held in February in Lviv. He involves running several distances to choose from: 12 kilometers and 4 kilometers. The main attraction of this Lviv trail race is that it takes place at night, which makes it quite colorful and exciting for runners.


The competition is held in Lviv on Chernechaya Hill (Znesinia Park). Start and finish trail race is in one place. Part of the trail route "Kaiserwald Run Cup” has an asphalt surface, and the other part is dirt paths and forest paths.

kaiserwald run cup

The main distance (12 kilometers) consists of three laps with a total elevation gain of up to 345 meters. The organizers have provided several hydration stations, and during the race there are always doctors, security guards, and volunteers who are ready to help the athletes in any case.