Прогулянка по болотах - "Irdyn Trail Run"

Walk through the swamps - "Irdyn Trail Run"

The hot summer was followed by no less hot September, but autumn still began to come into its own - October knocked on the window. This means that it is time to change the city running activities on exciting trails, which impress not only with interesting routes, but also with unsurpassed autumn landscapes of fields, forests and parks.

I had to get acquainted with trail races last fall. Then I ran legendary "Autumn Leaf" race and a park trail race “Didorivka Trail Run”. Who has read about my experience with "Autumn Leaf"will probably think I'm kidding. But no sarcasm - I really think that despite everything, "Autumn leaf" is one of the ancestors of modern Ukrainian half marathons.

Drawing up a running autumn schedule this year, I already had an idea of ​​the starts that might interest me. And the trail “Irdyn Trail Run” was in first place among the trail races in which I would like to take part. He later joined him trail race in Bila Tserkva named “Village Trail”. Autumn has prepared for me a pleasant experience and interesting running activities, so I could not wait to go to meet the autumn adventures.

I first learned about the "Irdyn Trail Run" in 2018. Later I found an interesting photo of a Ukrainian blogger talking about running events, which was called "Fence Irdyn Trail Run". The article made me even more eager to take part in this trail. So without hesitation, as soon as it became possible, I registered for the "Irdyn Trail Run".


Registration was normal and took place on the website vseprobegi.org. Those who are not registered on the site, you need to create your own account, which provides contact information. After that, you are free to register for any events presented on the site. To do this, select the race, specify the desired distance and pay the entry fee. After payment, the participant is assigned a number.

Trail "Irdyn Trail Run” has its own Facebook page, where the organizers publish current news and interesting information related to the trail.


So I registered, but the most interesting thing was to get to the venue of this running event. Previously, you could get there in one of two ways: use the transfer from Cherkasy, which is taken care of by the organizers, or get to the starting point the day before the trail race. For those arriving on their way, the organizers provide accommodation in the gym of the local school.

But I was lucky, because this year it became possible to get to the starting point in another way. The organizers arranged a transfer from Kyiv in both directions, which costs 510 hryvnias. It was a very convenient option for me, because I don't have to worry about how to get home after the event. So as soon as the information about the new transfer appeared, I immediately booked a place.

We left in the morning from the metro station "Vydubychi". A convenient minibus gathered all the participants and left for the venue.


The organizers spread the starting town "Irdyn Trail Run" right on the lawn in the woods. Starter packs were distributed here. Convenient dressing rooms, storage rooms, as well as tents where food was prepared were also set up for the participants.

Starter packs were issued by the name of the participants, or starting numbers. You also had to sign an agreement that you take full responsibility for your own safety. After getting the start number, I started preparing for the start of the trail. He quickly changed into his uniform and did a little warm-up.

The start of the race was scheduled for 11:00. The route consisted of two loops, each of which is 15 kilometers - the participants had the opportunity to choose the optimal distance of 15 or 30 kilometers. The first loop was more complicated than the second. There were many ascents and descents on the route. Mostly the route passed around the local swamps and forest trails. Both trail distances started simultaneously. The organizers gave an introductory speech, after which the runners went to meet the finish line "Irdyn Trail Run".

The first part of the journey was more or less easy for me. This was mainly due to the beautiful autumn landscapes and surrounding nature. Most of the route passed through forest paths, which were covered with autumn leaves. There was a danger for runners - there were many sticks that hid under the leaves and in case of carelessness could harm. I myself twice tripped over such sticks, so I followed the road more closely.

In the middle of the first loop of the trail route we were waiting for the first test - a big climb. But overcoming it was not so difficult. Another highlight on the first loop was the swamp - running through it brought a huge number of impressions. This was followed by a section of the path along the shore of the swamp, where the participants were also in danger - there were quite a lot of different pits. By the way, I had to get acquainted with one of them very closely. Then the trail dived back into the forest, where the first of the hydration points will be installed.

The first half of the "Irdyn Trail Run" went great for me. Even though after the first kilometers I began to doubt that such a route was possible for me at all. Despite this, I ran the first eight miles in 85 minutes, although my legs were beginning to remind me. But this development did not upset me. Gradually I approached the second part of the race.

The second loop of the route was mostly forest paths. The main feature of this segment was the climb that was waiting for me a few kilometers after the start of the second loop. It was the most difficult of the two ascents in this trail, after which the runners expected a more flat rest of the way. It was possible to make up for the time spent on the ups and downs of the first loop.

I will not say that the ascent was easy for me, but it is impossible to call it very difficult. He met me at about 9-10 miles, so I could not easily conquer him in any case.

After the ascent, the participants were treated to a cherry on the cake of the “Irdyn Trail Run” trail - long a high-speed section of the route. In this section, I wanted to speed up to make up for the time spent on the ascents and descents. But I began to realize that the distance was actually quite long - about 8-9 miles, and the knee will probably start to fuss more with each passing mile.

Before the 16th mile, a second hydration point was set up, which I didn't get to so quickly. Here I managed to regain my strength a bit to move on to the finish line. At this time, my knee probably understood that it was not being paid attention to, and it started to hurt more.

After 16 miles, I began to follow an interval run - I run half a mile and give my knee a rest. I didn't want to overload it, because after this trail I had no less interesting races ahead of me. My knee and I almost found a comfortable pace and moved on a little further, but within two miles our relationship with him began to deteriorate.

Irdyn Trail Run

It was no longer possible to run more than 300 meters. All the troubles that happened on the way, whether pits and potholes, or unfortunate sticks, did not like the knee, which "pleased" me with not the most pleasant sensations. In the end, I had to completely switch to brisk walking. But the last kilometer before the finish was paved, so I still tried to run, but it was very difficult. After crossing the finish line, I immediately went to rest after such a grueling ordeal. Taking a lot of energy from me, "Irdyn Trail Run" gave me a lot of positive impressions and emotions.


The "Irdyn Trail Run" was my fourth trail run. Like the other trails, this one didn't disappoint and lived up to all expectations. I liked the organization of the running event.

It was also surprising that the city authorities paid attention to this trail. I must say that in Ukraine, the usual races are rarely noticed, what to say about the trails, which usually involve much fewer runners. The fact that the city government promised to financially support the "Irdyn Trail Run" next year was very impressive to me.

I would like to believe that in Ukraine, as in European countries, local authorities will take an active part in sporting events, such as marathons and half marathons, orienteering, cycling, and more. This will promote the development and promotion of running activities among Ukrainians.

It should be noted and the route "Irdyn Trail Run" - I really liked it. At first, runners were waiting for a difficult part of it, and then easier. Thanks to this, everyone was able to make up for the time lost on a more difficult part of the route and improve their results.

Such an interesting and picturesque route, which gives unsurpassed impressions of the beauty of local nature, is rare. The trail route, by the way, was well marked, each of the turns was marked in such a way that it was impossible to miss it.