Історія України в забігах

History of Ukraine in races

My passion for running started when I was in Poland. So, first I got acquainted with the Polish starts. It is worth noting that this country has enough a busy sports life, in particular, many different types of running competitions take place during the season. Among them often occur running events that are dedicated to important dates in Polish history, such as Independence Day (Bieg Niepodleglosci”), Constitution Day (“Bieg Konstytucji 3 Maja”), Wielkopolska Uprising (“Bieg Powstania Wielkopolskiego”), Warsaw Uprising (“Bieg Powstania Warszawskiego”), etc.. This is the Polish approach running community and power to its centuries-old history I really like.

And I decided to inquire whether there is something similar in Ukraine and which ones running events in our country are closely intertwined with its history, and now remind Ukrainians of their glorious past. It turns out that there are also many running events in Ukraine, which are timed to different historical dates. Among them, the following can be noted:

Логотип забіга

"Friends Run"this is a 32-kilometer road race that takes place in mid-January in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. He timed to the Day of the Unity of Ukraine, namely January 22, 1919, when both parts of Ukraine (ZUNR and UNR) united into a single country. During the "Run of Friends", its participants have the opportunity to honor the memory of their legendary ancestors, who at the beginning of the 20th century fought for the Independence of Ukraine. And, of course, remind the enemies of Ukraine that although they managed to prevent the formation of a free Ukraine at the beginning of the 20th century, we remained Ukrainians, not an empire.

The tourist and sports event "100 kilometers along the Belt of Glory" is timed for a special date - April 10 - the day liberation of Odesa from the German invaders. The competition was held for the first time back in 1974 as a tourist crossing. The route of the race repeats the route of the Odesa Belt of Glory (a chain of monuments erected in 1964–1967 on the former defense lines of Odesa against the German invaders). Now "100 kilometers along the Belt of Glory" consists of running and bicycle rally separately, there is even a calculation for the sum of two distances (running and bicycle rally) during the day - "Iron Man".

Пробіг пам’яті героїв Чорнобиля «Славутич»

"Run of Heroes of Chernobyl" - this annual half marathon, which takes place in the small town of Slavutych, the youngest in Ukraine, because it was founded immediately after the Chernobyl accident for the families of the station's workers. The half-marathon is held in memory of one of the most tragic events in the modern history of Ukraine and is primarily dedicated to  honoring the memory of the liquidators of the accident. Its main purpose is to remind posterity that games with the "peaceful" atom can end quite tragically.

Trail race "Running in the footsteps of the Galician Transversal Railway" was once organized in honor of the first railway, built in 1861 on the territory of Ukraine and which connected Ukrainian Lviv and Chernivtsi with Polish Krakow.

The existence of the basic law of Ukraine, namely the Constitution, is reminded every year by the "I'm Ukrainian!" half-marathon, which takes place in the town of Berdychiv on June 28. It is timed to of the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Логотип марафона

Kharkiv is one of running capitals of Ukraine, because many different running events took place on its territory before the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russians. Among them, it is worth noting the "Liberation" marathon, which is held every year at the end of summer in honor of a significant date for Kharkiv residents - the liberation of the city from the German-fascist invaders on August 23, 1943.

Running competition “Race in Pirogov” pass through the territory of the famous museum in Pirogovo and are dedicated to the celebration Day of the State Flag of Ukraine and Independence Day of Ukraine.

The city of Rivne was also no exception, because it hosts the Independence Day the "Rivne Patriotic Run" of our country

Celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine the Dnipro is also full of sports events. The "Dnipro Vyshyvanky Run" race takes place here.

Another running event of patriotic direction in honor Independence Day of Ukraine - "Race in Vyshyvanka". It takes place every year on August 24 and most importantly unites all Ukrainians around the world, because this race takes place in different parts of Ukraine and the world.

"Steel Hart" ultra run  is a team 10-day ultramarathon that takes place on the territory of Ukraine and is also dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Race "I respect the soldiers, I run for the Heroes of Ukraine" aims to preserve in our memory the names of all fallen soldiers of Ukraine who gave their lives for Independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine during the armed Russian aggression against Ukraine (Russian-Ukrainian war) (2014-present). Similar competitions are also not one running event, but a combination of several running events that take place on the territory of our state (currently in 8 regions of Ukraine) in memory of fallen soldiers. Each athlete participating in them wears a T-shirt with the name of one of the heroes.

"Pokrova Half Marathon" is an annual half-marathon that takes place in the city of Rivne and is timed to celebrate Defender of Ukraine Day and the church holiday of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God.

Логотип марафона Marathon in Energodar Zaporizhzhia region, which takes place every year in October and is dedicated to the liberation of Ukraine from the German occupation during the Second World War.

Race "Escape from Mezhyhirya" - a sports event that reminds all Ukrainians of how in 2014, the usurper, dictator and sell-out "legitimate" President Yanukovych fled. The route of the race passes through the territory of the Museum of Corruption in Mezhyhirya. It is also intended to remind Ukrainians of the level of corruption of Ukrainian officials who, instead of protecting state interests and Ukrainians, come to power in order to rob the state and cover up their shadow business, act as servants of oligarchs or outright enemies of Ukraine.

In addition to the usual running events, adventure events are also held on the territory of Ukraine, which honor the memory of all fighters for the independence of the Ukrainian state.

Adventure race “Dobrovoletsʹ” is an annual orienteering competition held in Volyn and commemorated the memory of the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) against the Soviet and German occupiers. The race route runs through the graves of Ukrainian soldiers and the sites of battles that took place in the 40s and 50s of the 20th century. After Russia started a war against Ukraine in 2014, races are also held in honor of the fallen Heroes who gave their lives in the fight against the Russian occupier.

But the feats of Ukrainian heroes during the races are remembered and honored not only in Ukraine itself, but also abroad. Namely in Poland. Although from time to time there are differences between Ukraine and Poland in the approach to the interpretation of some events and heroes. But there are also events where the exploits of Polish and Ukrainian heroes are honored by their descendants equally.

In the common history of Ukraine and Poland there were many differences, but there are also unifying points. Example, in 1919, the Polish and Ukrainian states united in another alliance against their old and common enemy, namely Russia and its imperialism. In August 1920, a decisive battle took place between Polish and Ukrainian troops against the Russian horde, which was advancing on the young republic. This battle entered the history textbooks under the name "Miracle on the Vistula". Then the Polish troops under the command of Yu. Pilsudski and the Ukrainian troops under the command of Mykhailo Omelyanovich-Pavlenka defeated the Russian hordes near Warsaw.

In honor of this battle, the "Bieg 1920" half-marathon is held every year memory of all military personnel, who stood up to protect their countries from another invasion from the east. Then, in that battle, the Polish-Ukrainian forces lost about 14,500 soldiers. And the Polish city of Zamostia became a symbol of courage and heroism of the Polish and Ukrainian military. The defense of the city of Zamostya lasted from August 19 to 30, 1920, and was participated in by fighters of the 6th Sich Division and units of the Marines of the Ukrainian People's Republic under the command of Colonel-General Mark Bezruchka and fighters of the 31st Kaniv Rifles Regiment under the command of Major Mykolai Boltuts. 4,000 Polish-Ukrainian troops under the leadership of Colonel-General Mark Bezruchka and Vsevolod Zmienko resisted and emerged victorious against the 16,000-strong Russian 1st Cavalry Army.