Зимова прогулянка по набережній - "Новорічний півмарафон "Йоль""

Winter walk along the waterfront - "New Year's half marathon "Yol""

I decided to close the 2019 running season Ukrainian half marathon, namely a half marathon held for the New Year, called "Yol". I liked this race back in 2018 after I took part in “Night-Marathon Fest“. One of the features of "Yola" is that it is held on the same route as "Night- Marathon Fest“ only in winter.

The reason why I chose it half marathon "Yol" - the track is already familiar to me and it was quite comfortable, and the high level of the organization did not cause any complaints. Another advantage was that you do not have to go far - a running event is held in the suburbs of Kyiv.


To register you need to go to the website athletic-events.com. In the registration form you need to specify contact details, choose the distance you want to cover, and then pay the entry fee of the participant of the half marathon "Yol".

Маршрут забіга "Йоль"
Маршрут новорічного півмарафона “Йоль”

The New Year's half marathon "Yol" had a circular route - only 5 laps of 4.2 kilometers each. The route has a nice feature despite the fact that it consists of laps, the track itself is very flat and comfortable, which allows you to finish the running season not only with a great mood but also with great results.


The start of the race was scheduled for Sunday at 12:00 in the suburbs of Kyiv - Vyshgorod. You could get a starter pack the day before the start or just before the start of the running event.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I packed up and went to meet the last running adventure in the busy 2019 half marathon. It was very easy to get to the starting town from Kyiv - on the Heroes of the Dnieper metro you have to take a direct minibus to Vyshhorod.

Arriving in the city, I immediately went to the starting point at my number. Picking it up, I started prepare for the New Year's half marathon "Yol". The runners were already gathering in the starting town, which was located near the Kyiv Reservoir.

Before the start of the half marathon there was a warm-up and a fun race in New Year's costumes. Then began the main part of the running holiday "Yol”- started the participants of the main distance of the half marathon and the satellite distance of 8 kilometers.

Immediately after the start of the "Yol" race, I was caught up in an adventure. It would be more accurate to say that my body has decided to clearly demonstrate what will happen if before the half marathon there is not what is needed, but what happened.

Because of this, for the first 12 kilometers, my body conducted educational work with me on proper nutrition and tried to overcome nausea at the same time. At this time, my legs worked automatically and carried me to the finish line. To overcome nausea I was helped by delicious tea, which I drank in the afternoon from hydration stations. Despite the rather gloomy weather and periodic light rain, running during the "Yol" half marathon was easy and comfortable.


New Year's half marathon I managed to overcome in 1 hour and 47 minutes. The smooth asphalt road greatly contributed to such a good result. After the finish, I was treated to warm tea and went to rest after my last race in 2019.


We can say that New Year's half marathon "Yole" I liked it - great organization, convenient route and favorable weather conditions left pleasant impressions and memories. I was especially happy with my result after crossing the finish line, thanks to which I managed to finish the running season in a good mood.