У пошуках солеварні - "Drohobych Half Marathon"

In search of a saltworks - "Drohobych Half Marathon"

Continuation of my acquaintance with Ukrainian half marathons competitions began in the town of Drohobych. The "Drohobych Half Marathon" took place here at the end of May. It is worth noting right away that Drohobych is the second city after Lviv in the region that has its own half marathon.


In order to become a member half marathon in Drohobych, it was necessary to register on the official website "Drohobych Half Marathon" runstyle.net. Here, every runner could choose the distance they would like to run. 

біг в дрогобичі

In addition to the main distance of 21 kilometers, the organizers offer athletes a 7-kilometer race and a relay. At the time of registration, it is also necessary to pay the starting fee, the amount of which depends on the distance and date of registration. For the main distance, half marathon, it was 500 hryvnias.


Route half marathon in Drohobych passes through its cozy old streets of the city. The main distance consists of 3 laps of 7 kilometers each, where three food and hydration stations are provided.

drohobych half marathon

In addition, the organizers of the running event set up two music platforms for the participants and fans of the competition, where great music was played to cheer up the participants of the half-marathon.


My running adventures, as always, began with the road from Kyiv to Drohobych. For this, I used a direct train from the capital, but it was also possible to go to Lviv, and then get to Drohobych by direct train or with a transfer in Stryi or Sambir. Direct train from Kyiv became the most convenient option for me, because I did not have to waste time on transfers. The train arrived at a convenient time - 2 hours before the start of the Drohobytsky Half Marathon. This made it possible not only to reach the place of the competition calmly, but also to take a leisurely morning walk through the city on the way to the starting town. So my journey on “Drohobych Half Marathon” started on Saturday evening from the Kyiv railway station and train number 49.

Drohobych Half Marathon 1

Upon arriving in Drohobych on Sunday morning, I immediately went from the railway station to Rynok Square. To where the starting town of the "Drohobych Half Marathon" was located and where my starting package was waiting for me. To get it, you had to name your start number and present your ID card.

run drohobych

From the very morning, participants of the half-marathon began to gather little by little on Rynok Square, and the less time remained before the start, the more and more they became. Before the very start, there was a small briefing by the organizers and a warm-up, which is already a tradition for most such competitions. After that, at 10:00, the most important thing began - the start of the half-marathon and the relay, and after them the 7-kilometer race started.

Drohobych Half Marathon run

Half marathon participants had to overcome 3 laps of 7 kilometers each. The route passed through the cozy streets of Drohobych, past the main architectural monuments and historical buildings. The surface was mostly asphalt, but there were several sections on the course covered with cobblestones. The entire route of the half-marathon was blocked from the traffic of third-party vehicles, which was monitored by the local police. Fruit, water, and isotonic drinks were waiting for the athletes at each food station. Great music was played from the stages arranged by the organizers, which raised the mood and encouraged the participants of the half-marathon.

біг в дрогобичі

As for the race itself, I would like to say that this year I am lucky for races in which the route consists of several laps. This also applies to the "Drohobych Half Marathon". After the start countdown ended, 3 laps on the streets of Drohobych were waiting for me. The first one (4 miles) was easy enough, I ran and enjoyed it the streets of old Drohobych, running from time to time to the hydration points to drink water, and there a new lap and everything in a new way. I completed the first lap in 34 minutes, I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes on the 8-mile distance, and I managed to reach the finish line of the half-marathon in 1 hour and 57 minutes. After the finish line, delicious Ukrainian borscht and interesting city tours awaited all participants.


Overall, "Drohobych Half Marathon" made a good impression on me. It was well organized, especially considering that it was his first edition. The traffic was completely blocked, including the central streets of the city, and the constant support of the organizers, spectators and local residents was felt.