GTR Trail

GTR Trail

Trail race "In the footsteps of the Galician Transversal Railway Ostban", which takes place every year in the month of May in the village of Palagichi in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, is held with the aim of popularizing a healthy lifestyle and combating harmful and dangerous habits, in particular drug addiction, the development of mass sports, tourism and running. In addition, in this way lovers run cross-country Europe Day is celebrated in Ukraine.

Information about the race


Trail race “GTR Trail” began its history in 2020, and its implementation timed to the creation of the Galician Transversal Railway and the restoration of the railway connection between Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil.

medal gtr trail race

Everyone who wants to take part in cross-country running competitions has the opportunity to submit an application online. Starting packages are issued on the day of the start. They include the participant's starting number and finisher's medal, as well as various souvenirs and gifts. And also enjoy a rest on the bank of the Dniester and admire the beautiful surrounding landscapes.


The track of the trail race is a dirt road. The start is located near the Klubivtsi-Tlumach road, which is 1 kilometer from the Klubivtsi ring in the direction of the town of Tlumach.

GTR Trail course

Further, the route runs along the P20 regional highway through Snyatyn, Gorodenko, Tlumach, Tyaziv. The movement of vehicles during the competition is partially restricted. On the route of the trail race, the organizers provided 2 hydration points where the participants of the race can freshen up a little.