Гран-прі Брестського шляху

Grand Prix of the Brest Route

About the Polish running series Grand Prix Traktu Brzeskiego” (GPTB) I learned for the first time completely by accident, namely during participation in Wiazowski Half Marathon". Then I saw an advertising brochure about this one running series. Among them, the "Bieg Siedleckiego Jacka" half-marathon, which is part of the series, attracted the most attention. That is why I decided to find out more detailed information about him, and at the same time about the series itself. It was founded in 2015 and consists of 5 races that take place in small Polish towns (Wyonzówna, Minsk-Mazowiecki, Bila Pidłaska, Mezyrycze and Siedlce) near the historic Warsaw-Brest road. These are 5 races at different distances, 5, 10, 15 and 21 kilometers.


If we consider it in more detail, then the running series Grand Prix Traktu Brzeskiego” складається з 5 етапів:

Half-marathon in Wiazowna, which takes place in February, opens the "GPTB" series. The final is held at the end of August during the "Bieg Siedleckiego Jacka" half-marathon, where the organizers sum up the results and award the winners of the "Brest Way" series.

Running series interesting in that its participants must complete all 4 distances (5, 10, 15 kilometers and a half marathon) in 5 stages. Participation in the fifth race gives the participant the opportunity to receive additional points. If a participant ran two identical distances, his best result is taken.

In the "Grand Prix Traktu Brzeskiego" there is both a general classification and an age classification, which is quite good. For the absolute classification, the maximum number of points for one race is 100, for the age classification, 50. Awards are given to the first 6 places in the general classification and the first 3 places in the age classification. Those who received awards in the general classification do not participate in the age classification.

All stages of the competition take place on well-paved tracks certified by PZLA