Пробіг Друзів

Friends Run

"Friends Run" is an annual winter running competition, which is timed to the Day of the National Assembly of Ukraine. The main purpose of the event is this popularization of a healthy lifestyle and sports, in particular athletics, establishing friendly relations between athletes from different regions of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

As part of the run, there are races at three distances of 32, 16, and 3 kilometers, as well as children's starts. It is worth noting that the run is becoming more and more popular every year. In 2019, about half a thousand athletes from different parts of Ukraine took part in it. The status of the competition is constantly growing, both professional track and field athletes and amateurs take part in it.

Information about the race


The first edition of the running competition called "Friends Run" took place in January 2012 in the town of Bogorodchany, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Participation in competitions "Friends Run" is a good opportunity to test yourself in difficult winter conditions and at the same time check your preparation before the start running season. In addition, each participant has the opportunity to enjoy the very atmosphere that prevails at the starts, the beauty of the nature of Prykarpattia, enjoy wonderful landscapes and fresh air, meet like-minded people and fans of running, and exchange their impressions with them.


The running route is quite interesting and is a well-paved road that passes through the town of Bogorodchany and its adjacent villages, towns and hamlets.

Пробіг Друзів

The start and finish of the run is in the same place - near Bogorodchanska school No. 1. The track itself is well marked, has several food and hydration points every 5 kilometers of the distance. Volunteers, competition judges, medical personnel, police escort also help the participants in the organization of movement on the track. Для усіх, хто подолає дистанцію, організатори приготували  пам’ятні медалі і сувеніри, а лідерам забігів ще й фінансову винагороду.