El Gouna Half Marathon

El Gouna Half Marathon

"El Gouna Half Marathon" is a good opportunity for any athlete to try their hand at the half marathon and even after the end of the running season. After all, not many competitions are held in November. In addition, athletes will be able to get acquainted with the local culture, customs and history, enjoy communicating with colleagues, learn from their experience and be useful to beginners. So, if you haven't been to Egypt yet, it's worth thinking about.

Information about the race


“El Gouna Half Marathon” - another half marathon, which held in Egypt every November, starting in 2019.


“El Gouna Half Marathon” provides competitions in three running disciplines: in addition to the main 21 kilometers, also races for 10 and 5 kilometers for beginners and less trained athletes. It road race, which runs through the picturesque streets of the small town of El Gouna, located just 25 kilometers from the resort of Hurghada. The participants will have almost no height differences, well-paved surface. Also, convenient hydration points are arranged along the entire distance. 

el gouna half marathon

The event is attended by volunteers who help with information and safety, ambulances just in case, as well as well-organized public transport for easy access to competitions for non-locals. Registration traditionally takes place online at official website of the half marathon, in this case, each participant must pay a fee of 45 $. Upon arrival at the competition, he also receives a starter pack with his own number, and upon completion - memorable awards and souvenirs.