Марафони Єгипту

Marathons of Egypt

2020 turned out to be quite interesting for me, as it started with acquaintance with a new country, Egypt. And it happened while participating in one of the most interesting Egyptian half marathons, namely “Pyramids Half Marathon” - half marathon, which takes place in the capital - Cairo.

And Egypt interesting for runners not only with its half marathons, but can offer marathon races, as every year the country holds three marathons: in Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria. What are these marathons famous for and what are the features of each of the competitions? Let's find out!

  • Official name: Egypt Marathon
  • Venue: Luxor
  • Date: January
  • Distances: 42, 22 and 12 kilometers
  • Route limit: 6 hours
  • Entry fee: from 100 $
  • Organizer: Night Runners
  • Website: egyptianmarathon.com

Egyptian marathon has been held since 1994 and is the oldest running marathon in the Middle East. This is the only marathon in Egypt certified by the International Marathon and Running Association (AIMS). In addition to the marathon, the running event in Luxor includes three more distances for professional runners (5, 12 and 22 kilometers). In recent years, more than half of the participants in the Egyptian marathon are foreigners.

At each stage, runners not only cover their distances, but also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery. Marathon route runs through the temples of the pharaohs on the west coast of the Nile, giant statues of the Colossi of Memnon, the Valley of the Kings and other attractions.

  • Official name: Cairo Marathon
  • Venue: Cairo
  • Date: January
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 10 kilometers
  • Route limit: 6 hours
  • Entry fee: from 25 $
  • Organizer: Cairo Runners
  • Website: marathoncairo.com

Cairo Marathon - one of the "youngest" and most popular sporting events in Egypt. It has been held annually since 2015. The race program consists of several distances: a classic marathon, a half marathon and a 10-kilometer race. Every year before marathon in Cairo an average of 500 participants and several thousand guests, both Egyptians and guests of the country.

Marathon route runs through the streets Cairo and the Nile embankment. In 2019, the race was held for the first time directly in the city center. Competitions start every time from different places. But wherever the starting point is located, participants can usually see the Kasr el-Nile Bridge, the Manyal Palace, the Talaat Harb Square and the Cairo Opera House at all long distances - some of the most beautiful sights of the Middle Eastern capital. 

  • Official name: Alexandria Marathon
  • Venue: Alexandria
  • Date: November
  • Distances: 42, 21 and 10 kilometers
  • Route limit: 6 hours
  • Entry fee: from 25 $
  • Organizer: Alex Runners
  • Website: alexandriamarathon.com

Alexandria Marathon is a city race held annually in November-December in Alexandria, Egypt. It is considered to be the largest sporting event in the city. The competition program consists of marathon and half marathon distances and races for 10 and 5 kilometers.

The marathon route in Alexandria is exclusively urban. It runs in particular along picturesque promenade and the picturesque streets of Egypt's main port. Different companies organize competitions every time, but they all have one goal - to promote running and maintain a healthy lifestyle.