У пошуках пасхального кролика - "Easter Run"

In search of the Easter bunny - "Easter Run"

Several were held in April interesting running events, but my attention was most drawn to the race “Easter Run”, which took place in Kharkov. First of all, I was interested in the distance of this race, which was as much as 30 kilometers. I have never run a distance of more than 25 kilometers - the last such race was “Kyiv Ultramarathon”. In addition, I was going to run my first marathon somewhere in mid-May, so I wanted to test myself in a longer distance, which will allow you to assess your own strength and endurance.

That is why he added without hesitation thirty kilometer raceEaster Run” to his running calendar and began to look forward to this interesting running event. I really wanted to know how my body and body will behave after the 26th kilometer. And it was a very pleasant opportunity to visit Kharkiv again.


Registration for the "Easter Run" took place on the website sportevent.com.ua. Here I learned that the route of the race consists of ten laps, each lap of 3 kilometers. The route was mostly dirt and partially asphalted at the beginning and end of each circle.


When it came time to buy train tickets, I realized that I was late - there were no vacancies at all. So I had to go to Kharkiv by bus. Everything expensive from Kyiv took about 7 hours.


The organizers of the "Easter Run" deployed a starting town near a beautiful park, near the bicycle center "Spits". I received the starting package on the day of the race directly on the territory of the starting town. The start was scheduled for 9:00, but there was a small incident. Therefore, the start had to be postponed a bit, because the race organizers forgot the chips for the participants. But this moment did not surprise me, because the race was held in the city for the first time, so it did not worsen his impression. Before the start, a small warm-up was held, and then the participants of the distance for one mile began to start.

Other runners started at the same time. But there was a small difference in the length of the laps - for runners at 5 and 10 kilometers, the length of one lap was 2.5 kilometers, and for those who covered a distance of 21 and 30 kilometers, the laps were three kilometers. I had to run ten full laps. The route turned out to be just wonderful. The first half of the circle ran through the park, where it was very easy and pleasant to run, and the second half ran along an asphalt bike path along the parking area. What was very well organized was the volunteers, who met the runners on all important sections of the route, suggested the right direction, and provided good support.

After each lap, a hydration station was waiting for the runners - it was located close to the starting area. At first, it was easy to run - the first two laps flashed almost imperceptibly. The first time I visited the hydration point was after the sixth kilometer and on the following laps, I ran to it constantly to quench my thirst.

But on the section of the road that went beyond the park, it was much harder to run because of the scorching heat. In addition, here the route went up, so I did not neglect to restore breathing at the hydration point when he met me. If you evaluate running in general, only the first 2-3 laps were interesting. After that, I already memorized all the features of the route and ran all the following laps in automatic mode.

Somewhere at the 24th kilometer, I met a very nice cyclist who gave me water. At that time it was very appropriate, because I did not take a bottle of water with me, and I had to wait for hydration points to quench my thirst. Overcoming each subsequent lap, I gradually reached the finish line of this so far, the longest race in my practice.


Thirty kilometers Kharkiv race "Easter Run" was remembered by me as a very enjoyable and well-organized running event. Even a slight delay at the beginning with the chips did not spoil the mood, because against the background of more serious incidents that occurred in other races, it was just a trifle.

But the main thing I wanted to get from the race and from the organizers, I got. Namely, he was able to test his own abilities and strengths before participating in a full-fledged marathon. Therefore, the celebration of Easter for me began with the satisfaction of my own results and a happy mood.