Drohobych Half Marathon

Drohobych Half Marathon

“Drohobych Half Marathon” - an annual half-marathon with a distance of 21,095 kilometers, which takes place in the town of Drohobych, in the Lviv region. The organizers of the competition are an initiative group of local residents, athletes, entrepreneurs, journalists and simply activists who care about sports and want to popularize it. As part of the running event, there are not only half-marathon competitions, but also a 7-kilometer race. The organizers of the race took good care not only of the safety of the athletes on the track and various organizational points, but also of the entertainment of the guests of the event. Various excursions, historical excursions, musical events and shows await them. So, it is always fun and interesting in the starting town. And the event itself will undoubtedly leave a lot of pleasant memories and impressions for all participants without exception.

Information about the race


Half marathon in Drohobych – a fairly young Ukrainian half-marathon, which began its history in 2021, when the streets of Drohobych welcomed runners for the first time and gave them great running experiences. "Drohobych Half Marathon" has always been distinguished by high-quality organization and a good atmosphere.

In 2022, in connection with the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, the half marathon in Drohobych was in great question. However, the competition still took place. A charity half-marathon was held under the slogan "Ukraine will win!" The organizers decided to donate all the funds collected from the running event to help the Drohobytskyi TRO. Both professional athletes and amateurs could take part in the competition, there were no restrictions.


Route half marathon is a well-paved road that passes through the historic central part of the city along picturesque villas built back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The route is well-marked and has several refreshment and hydration points, where each participant has the opportunity to replenish their drinking water reserves, to refuel with fresh fruit, water or isotonic.

drohobych half marathon

Registration for participation in the half-marathon takes place online on the portal of sports events - run style. Anyone interested must fill out the registration form, enter their personal data and pay the registration fee. Its size depends on the date of registration and the selected distance. Upon arrival at the start site, athletes must receive start packs with their own numbers and branded t-shirts. At the end of the competition, the participants receive commemorative medals and diplomas, and the winners receive cash prizes.