10 кілометрів щастя - "Didorivka XC Duathlon, MTB Race & Trail Run"

10 kilometers of happiness - "Didorivka XC Duathlon, MTB Race & Trail Run"

It is hard to argue that for many people running is, so to speak, the same type of routine. Waking up in the morning, you put on your sneakers, put on a comfortable sports suit, and run to such a familiar park. All this is repeated from day to day - you did it yesterday, and you will do it tomorrow, in a week and a month. How to add variety to your run so that it does not become a routine that quickly gets bored? New locations and impressions help with this.

So it happened and this time he decided to register for the next half marathon, but before him to take part in another small race. Since I wanted to run the distance no more than ten kilometers, so as not to strain your legs before the next, more difficult race.

I really wanted to run through Holosiivskyi Park - in June I laid eyes on it. It was held then trail raceGoloseevo Trail Half Marathon" organized by "MULTIKI". But at that time he preferred another, more familiar to himself, format of the race, namely the city half marathon. “Ternopil Half Marathon”.

That's why the race “Didorivka XC Duathlon, MTB Race & Trail Run” became very relevant to me. In addition, I have not yet had to participate in the trail format of the race. In other words, it was planned by me as a pleasant walk, at least I hoped for it until the day of the race.


You had to register to participate in the trail on the site vseprobegi.org. I was pleasantly surprised by the all-inclusive contribution system I encountered for the first time. If this fee does not suit you, you can pay the entry fee separately and buy a medal and a T-shirt separately if desired. I paid 330 hryvnias for registration for ten kilometers. The event also had a separate Facebook page, which was actively filled by the organizers. Thanks to this, everyone had the opportunity to learn all the latest news about this running event.

Starter pack

The launch packages were issued the day before the trail and an hour before the start. Because of this, I decided to pick up my package on Saturday morning, and then look at the starting point to get acquainted with the location of the upcoming event. Starting town the day before the trail race "Didorivka Trail Run” consisted of two tents with small tables, behind which sat two girls who gave participants their starter packs.


For distance on ten kilometers two circles passing through the territory near Lake Didorivka were allotted. A hydration station was installed at the end of the first round. The whole route consisted of a dirt road and narrow paths around the surrounding hills. There were many descents and ascents along the way, but there were also flat sections of the route, which necessarily ended with another descent or ascent.


This time I started late, so the start of the "Didorivka Trail Run" was not the best for me. It all started with a small climb up the hill. Only then did I realize that it was still flowers. The most interesting thing started later - because on the way there are a lot of hills and descents, running up to the next one, the same thought flashes in my head: "Is this a joke?".

I covered the first three miles in 31 minutes. So that you understand, I ran the same distance during the last training in 24 minutes, and during the last race - in 23 minutes.

I liked how the track was marked: the turns were marked by a large number of signal white and red ribbons, which indicated the correct direction to the runners. At some turns, there were even volunteers who not only showed the direction but also actively supported the participants of the trail. The only thing I would notice is that there were not enough signs to help the runner understand that he was moving in the right direction.

The finish line was set on a picturesque lawn in the middle of the forest. The organizers met the finishers, announcing their names, surnames, and numbers, as well as gave delicious apples. There was also a photo area and tents with goodies.


The trail race "Didorivka XC Duathlon, MTB Race & Trail Run" was remembered not only by the completely new format of the track but also by the unique new impressions from overcoming it. Here I also made new acquaintances, which are always relevant, because after the finish I want to share my emotions with someone.

All the half marathons I took part in before were city races. Only in some of them, the route was accompanied by ordinary terrains, such as "Peter and Paul Half Marathon" or “Ternopil Half Marathon”, or took place outside the city, as on “Tarczyn Half Marathon” or “Leiden Marathon”. At all races, there were sometimes small ascents and descents. But these were only parts of a huge journey. Here the route was not paved at all, there were constant hills, it was necessary to run constantly, then up, then down.

To say that I did not expect this is to say nothing. But this format of the track turned out to be very nice for me - the trail race "Didorivka Trail Run" exceeded any expectations in terms of route and emotions. Running along the roads of the city, you admire the beautiful historical or modern architecture, but here it is completely different - around you only a beautiful autumn forest, which pleases the eye even more.