Deivka Trail

Deivka Trail

“Deivka Trail” - is an annual trail race held in Kremenchuk in late April. The competition is part of the running series “Kremen Trail League”

Information about the race


Registration for the trail race “Deivka Trail” is held online on the official website. Here, everyone has the opportunity to choose one of two distances of 21 and 10 kilometers, depending on their level of training and experience. Upon arrival at the starting town, each athlete receives their own starter pack with their own number, and at the end of the race, commemorative medals, diplomas and souvenirs.


The trail race route consists of two laps. The track surface is mostly dirt with small sections of asphalt, as well as minor descents and ascents.

deivka trail

The route passes through rough terrain, trails of the "Dovzhyk" forest and surrounding fields. It is well marked and has several hydration and food stations. Volunteers and medics are also constantly present on the route, ready to help the participants in case of emergency.