Прогулянка Броварським лісництвом - Еко-трейл "Барви Осені"

Walk through Brovary forestry - Eco-trail "Autumn Colors"

Familiarity with races, held in the Brovary forestry, I started with half marathon “Autumn leaf” in 2018. After that, I had to admire the beauty of Brovary Forest more than once and watch it wake up in the spring and come to life after wintering. Completion of acquaintance with trail races on the territory of forestry became eco-trail "Colors of Autumn". At this time, the forest was dressed in autumn colors and became even more beautiful.


In eco-trail "Autumn Colors" has its own official website runbrovary.com.ua on which registration of participants takes place. Runners have a choice of three distances: 5.5, 12 and 21 kilometers.

The main route of the half marathon at 21 kilometers is represented by two circles that run through the Brovary forestry. There are also three food outlets at the distance - 5, 10 and 15 kilometers.


I first took part in the trail half marathon in Brovary Forestry in October two years ago. While running in "Spring Forest" trails I managed to admire the beauty of the spring forest. This year I had the opportunity to see what this forest looks like in autumn when the colors become so diverse. The eco-trail "Colors of Autumn" has been added to the running calendar, which will be my third race in this beautiful forestry.

Another running morning began with a trip to an area already familiar to me. For many years, Brovary Forestry has been gathering runners in the autumn who want to conquer the autumn forest with its incredible sandy trails. For me, this half marathon will be the last I will run on the territory of this forestry. As in my first acquaintance with the forest two years ago, an interesting distance of 21 kilometers awaited me.

The start of the half marathon was scheduled for 9:00. The launch pad was placed in front of the forester's house. The route of two laps passed through the sandy paths of the autumn forest.

I started the first part of the race quite briskly. The first two miles were trails that were already familiar to me from previous half marathons. When on the way I met a favorite intersection of Brovarsky forest, pleasant memories erupted as I took part in the half marathon "Autumn Leaf" in 2018. There were a few schools that marked the route well in this developer. Because of this, I had no chance of getting lost.

I covered half of the half marathon in 57 minutes - a pretty good result. The second part of "Autumn Colors" took place at a slightly slower pace, which allowed me to enjoy the beautiful scenery of forestry and the small sand slides on its paths. The last time I crossed the finish line of the half marathon in Brovary Forestry was 2 hours 27 minutes from the start.


The young running event, the eco-trail "Colors of Autumn", was a great addition to the series Ukrainian trail races and half marathons in Brovary forestry. Eco-trail boasts an excellent organizational level, quality route markings, and a rather interesting forest route.

For me, the half-marathon "Colors of Autumn" was a bright end to the experience of participating in the trails held in the Brovary forestry. This location has given me incredible impressions for the last three years. The beginning of this adventure, as well as its end, seemed very beautiful and pleasant.