Різдвяні Перегони

Christmas Race

"Christmas Race" race - is a running competition, a road race that takes place at the "Chaika" racetrack in the village of Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region.

Information about the race


The first edition of the "Christmas Race" took place in 2020. The race is organized by the "Naukowiec" running club. "Christmas Race" race is a good opportunity to celebrate the New Year and Christmas in a circle of like-minded people, those who do not imagine their own life without running.


The route of the race "Christmas Races" is a well-paved track that runs along the racetrack of the "Chaika" territory. Participants of different distances start in turn.

маршрут різдвяних перегонів

The running event includes various races, including 13 and 4.5 kilometers. Each participant gets their own number, a chip for reading the time, and at the end of the competition, they receive memorable prizes, awards, diplomas, medals, as well as a fruit bag, tea, and various goodies.