Зимові пригоди на автодромі Чайка - "Різдвяні перегони"

Winter adventures at the Chaika autodrome - "Christmas Race"

After the adventures in Kremenets mountains I decided to take part immediately in the 13.5 kilometer race jogging at the "Chaika" autodrome. My first acquaintance with this place took place in the summer of 2018, when I participated in "Peter and Paul Half Marathon", the route of which partly passed through the territory of the autodrome. Regarding Christmas races, then their route ran entirely through the Chaika autodrome, which interested me. In addition, it was the second race in my running career after “Ltava Run Racing” , where the race route was entirely on the autodrome track.


Register for participation in the winter race "Christmas Race" it was possible on the website timingevents.com, where each of the athletes had to choose one of two distances, a run of 13.5 or 4.5 kilometers.

маршрут різдвяних перегонів

The race route, as I mentioned earlier, ran along autodrome track "Chayka", covered with a layer of snow. The main distance of 13.5 kilometers consisted of three laps of 4.5 kilometers each.


Race on the autodrome "Chayka" took place almost immediately after other competitions - trail race "Schedryk", in which he also took part. Therefore, after returning from Kremenets on Sunday morning, I almost immediately went to the "Chaika" autodrome. Here I was waiting for 13.5 kilometers on a snowy track. By the way, there were quite a large number of people like me who wanted to try their hand at these competitions. Among the runners, I even met several acquaintances, which was very nice. I received my starting package at 9 o'clock in the morning, and at 11 o'clock after a short briefing by the organizers of the event, the starts themselves took place.

бігові друзі

I decided to start the race "Christmas Race" slowly, because the route of the race was on the snowy track of the autodrome, so I did not have a particularly great desire to run in the snow for the second day in a row. The first 5 miles went by pretty quickly, I managed to cover them in 50 minutes. On the last lap, fatigue began to appear, primarily because of Saturday's cross-country walk in the Kremenets Mountains. Therefore, I covered the last 3 miles before the finish of the race at the "Chaika" autodrome quite slowly. After the competition, the organizers treated the race participants to delicious hot tea and various goodies.


Race "Christmas Race" left me with many positive impressions, both from the organization of the event itself, and from the race route as a whole. It took place on the snowy territory of the "Chaika" autodrome, which added a special flavor to this race.