Червоноградська десятка

Chervonohrad Ten

Chervonohrad joined running cities of Ukraine in 2017. Then the streets of this wonderful city in the Lviv region for the first time hosted participants of the 10-kilometer race, which is why it was named "Chervonohrad Ten".

Information about the race


In 2017, the town of Chervonohrad was held for the first time race for 10 kilometers "Chervonohrad Ten". Since then, competitions have been held annually. Only in 2021 were they seriously threatened by the coronavirus epidemic. However, the fifth race took place in October 2021. 

Although the competitions have a short history, they are becoming more and more popular not only in the region, but throughout Ukraine. This is evidenced by the ever-growing number of participants. The main feature of this event is that it is not tied to a specific date or season. The "Chervonohrad Ten" took place throughout the history of its existence in different seasons: in spring in April, in summer in August, and in autumn in October. This race, like any other, is a good opportunity for each athlete to test their own strength and level of preparation for more serious and grueling competitions. In addition, participation in the top ten always gives unsurpassed emotions and joy to everyone involved in this event.  


Маршрут забігу "Червоноградська десятка"

Route "Chervonohrad Ten” runs along a well-paved, marked and most importantly certified route in the center of Chervonohrad. The race route starts on Vicheva Square. It consists of one circle and has one hydration point at a mark of 5 kilometers. Also at the event there are always doctors and security. Registration for the "Chervonohrad Ten" race is online. Each participant must pay a registration fee, after which he receives a starting package with his own number, and at the end of the competition - souvenirs and medals, prizes for each winner and winner. A prerequisite is that each athlete has a medical certificate.