Черкаська десятка

Cherkasy Ten

"Cherkasian Ten" - is an annual 10-kilometer running competition held in Cherkasy in mid-September. This is a road race, the route of which is laid mainly through the central streets of the city. So every athlete has the opportunity not only to test their strength in running, but also to admire the beauty of the regional center.

Information about the race


Everyone who wants to take part in this race "Cherkasian Ten" has the opportunity to submit an application online. Upon arrival at the starting town, the athlete receives their starter pack with their own number. Registration for the race is completely free, meaning that there is no need to pay any registration fee, as is usually the case.


The race route is a well-paved and marked mostly flat track that runs through the city's central streets. It consists of one 10-kilometer lap.

маршрут забігу "Черкаська десятка"

The organizers have also provided hydration and food stations along the route. Numerous volunteers and doctors are constantly present during the race, ready to help the athletes in case of emergency. It is quite comfortable to run this route, as most of the route is shaded by trees.