Прогулянка Черкасами - "Черкаська десятка"

Strolling through Cherkasy – "Cherkasy Ten"

Early autumn running events began to gradually return to my sports life. Of course, not the starts that I had previously expected and planned for at the beginning of 2020. But we have what we have and we should be happy at least for this. By the way, the end of August and September turned out to be quite fruitful months. After all, I was lucky enough to take part in two trail races ("Race in Pyrogovo" and "Trail over Rossyu") and try your hand at one road half marathon (“Luchesk Half Marathon”).


He decided to successfully finish his running September with a new race, which he added only in 2020 calendar of Ukrainian races for 10 kilometers - by "Cherkaskie Ten". It was this top ten in Cherkasy that became my second road trip a ten-kilometer run, in which I took part in Ukraine throughout my sports career. The first was the race "Chervonohrad Ten".


Registration for participation in the race "Cherkasian Ten"  took place online through the site newrun.timer.org.ua. For this, it was necessary to enter your contact details, after which the athlete received his starting number. Registration for the race was completely free, that is, there was no need to pay a registration fee. But, of course, each athlete had his own expenses for travel, food and accommodation.  


The route of the race the "Cherkas Ten" consists of one 10-kilometer circle that runs along the central boulevard of the city of Cherkas.

маршрут забігу "Черкаська десятка"

The track is completely paved and well marked. Several hydration points are also provided. During the race, there are numerous volunteers, doctors who are ready to help in case of anything.


I arrived in Cherkasy on Friday evening. At the railway station, I met Serhiy, with whom we conquered together last year "Crown of Polish Half Marathons". The last time we saw him was a year ago half marathon in Krakow in October 2019. Therefore, the evening before the start race in Cherkasy it was interesting enough to talk about different things running topics around.

старт Черкаська десятка

In the morning on Saturday, we went to starting town of the race, to get your starting numbers for the competition. The main part of the Saturday running holiday "Cherkasia Ten" began at 10 o'clock in the morning. All the athletes, and there were quite a lot of those who wanted to, gathered in front of the building of the Cherkasy City Council, where the start of the race took place and, accordingly, my acquaintance with it.

біг у черкасах

I covered the first three miles pretty quickly, the second part was a little slower. This was especially true in the 5th and 6th mile of the race, as I started to lose my strength towards the end of the race. As for himself route "Cherkasian Ten", then it can be characterized as quite comfortable for running. The track is flat. It passes in the shade of the trees that grow along the boulevard, so the sun did not cause problems.


Race "Cherkasian Ten" in general, it has a good organization and left only pleasant impressions. The track was completely closed to traffic, well marked, so every athlete could comfortably cover the distance and enjoy running. The only thing missing was a hydration station on the route, although there should be one hydration station for ten kilometer races.