Народжені бігати

Born to run


"Born to run" is a book that tells about the adventures of the main character, who faced the problem of leg pain. Looking for an answer to his questions, a famous American journalist and running lover Christopher McDougal, went to the tribe, which is considered one of the most durable in running - Taraumara (Raramuri). He watched him for a long time and took centuries of experience to understand what he was doing wrong.

народжені бігати

In the opinion of the author, the Taraumara Indians, who live in complete isolation in the wild places of North America, are the keepers of what has been lost by modern man art of running. For centuries they have practiced techniques that allow them to run for hundreds of miles without rest, enjoying the process, whether hunting or marathon race.

Close communication with the representatives of the tribe, long-term observation of them gave the author of the book the opportunity not only to discover the secret of the "mysterious runners", but also to find his inner reserves, as well as properly prepare for a 50-mile race through the heart of the Taraumara country.

Impressions from the book

"Born to run" is one of the first books about running, which I read. It came into my hands in November 2018. At first, I did not expect anything special, except for the author's mundane stories about his training. But when I started reading this book, my attitude towards it changed drastically. 328 pages took me into the world of not everyday running, but an interesting journey, where running is only a small part of what happens to the author. The book reveals another side of running and answers the question of why people love it so much.

I was so impressed that I read this book in just two evenings. "Born to Run" was given to me inspiration and motivation in order to continue doing what you love. So if that's what you're missing, I recommend this book. 

Key quotes:

Let's live so that when the time comes to go to the next world, even the owner of the funeral home will regret it.

When you go for a walk off-road, you need to take everything with you to the maximum. Even if you don't need it. You never know, suddenly something will happen and you will stay somewhere longer than you expect.

In the Taraumara language, there were only two words for people: "raramuri" - those who run away from trouble, and "chabochi" - those who cause them.

The reason some use their genetic ability to run and others don't is because the brain is a cheap buyer.

You need to relax during the run, it is difficult to immerse yourself in a hot bath, when your body gradually goes from resistance to the shock effect to enjoyment.

You don't stop running because you get old. You get old because you stop running.

There are two goddesses in your heart. The goddess of wisdom and the goddess of wealth. Everyone believes that first of all you need to get rich, and then wisdom will come. Therefore, they are concerned with the pursuit of money. But they are wrong. You must open your heart to the goddess of wisdom, give her all your love and attention, and the goddess of wealth will be jealous and follow you.

Beyond the limit of the greatest fatigue and distress, there are often penultimate reserves of lightness and energy that we did not even think about possessing.

Give up your nature and it will break out in some other, more perverse way.

They are just people. And, like all people, what they loved the most caused the greatest pain and extreme excitement.

You are more resilient than you think and can do more than you think.

Cliff Young, the farmer who shocked Australia in 1983 by beating the country's best ultra-distance runners in the 816km race between Sydney and Melbourne, did it all on beans, beer and oatmeal.

Proverb of the Taraumara Indians: "If you run on the ground and run with the ground, you can run forever"

Even a pleasant smile often hides a lie

He hated hurting people, but that didn't stop him from getting better at it.

If you don't find a solution to your problems after a four-hour run, then you haven't realized them yet