“Bieg Niepodległości” Poznan

“Bieg Niepodległości” Poznan

In Poznan, Poland running is considered one of the most popular sports. In particular, on the streets of the city you can meet many runners of different ages and levels of training. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is where various running competitions are held. One of them is considered a real record holder. It race for 10 kilometers, timed to the Independence Day of the country “Bieg Niepodległości”. It is held annually on November 11, starting in 2018.

Information about the race


For its rather short history, competitions have become one of the most popular among 10-kilometer races in Poland. In the first debut year, the limit of 10 thousand participants was exceeded ahead of schedule. The medals received by the participants were recognized as the most beautiful, and the event itself became the event of the year. At the start, all participants formed the largest in Poland live white and red flag! It was incredible and really went down in history.


Route "Bieg Niepodległości” in Poznan has PZLA certificate.

The route of the race passes through the central streets of Poznan. Therefore, every athlete has the opportunity to enjoy not only running, but also to admire the architecture of the city. Running event has a good organization, which improves every year. Registration for participation takes place, as in many other similar events, online.

Each runner receives a starting package with his own number before the competition, and at the end of the race - medals, commemorative prizes, T-shirts, refreshments. There are food and hydration points throughout the route, as well as volunteers who are constantly monitoring the safety of the route and are ready to provide informational support at any time.

Run “Bieg Niepodległości” Poznan is worth every experienced and not-so-runner to take part in. Test your level of training and endurance, especially if you are a beginner and preparing for more serious starts, get positive emotions from running for 10 kilometers in Poznan, as well as from acquaintance with this wonderful city, people and history.