Bieg Lechitow

Bieg Lechitow

I accept this white eagle as the coat of arms of my people, and I will build my castle around the oak tree, and I will call it the Gnezno after the eagle's nest.

"Bieg Lechitow" is the only one of its kind competition in Poland, which combine both running and familiarization with the history of the formation of the Polish state. Half marathon in Gniezno leaves to the participants only pleasant impressions from the prevailing atmosphere during the half marathon, as well as people who take part in this running event or are spectators. They support athletes in every possible way, give their smiles and positive emotions. 

Information about the race


Half marathon in Gniezno is one of the oldest in Poland, it has been held continuously since 1978 and has a rather interesting feature as it differs from others half marathons of Poland its historical background. In the first edition 305 participants took part, including 9 women. Now this event gathers much more athletes of various ages and professions (more than 1000), and each time their number only grows. Sponsors of the competition are leading Polish companies, including Polski IKO Bank, Wedliny, Altom, Chisowianka, Hyundai Autocentrum, etc.


The "Bieg Lechitow" half-marathon route runs along a well-paved track with small ups and downs. The start and finish are in different places. The race starts near the island of Lednytsia, from where the German emperor Otto III began his pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Wojciech in Gniezno, the first capital of Poland. Then the route stretches through the surrounding villages, fields and at the end the streets of the city of Gniezno. The competition ends near the cathedral in Gniezno.

Маршрут забіга "Bieg Lechitów"

The route along which the participants of the half-marathon run is worn name "The Path of the Pyastiv", it is well labeled and PLZA certified. After every 5 kilometers of the distance (5, 10, 15 and 18.5 kilometers), there are food and hydration stations where athletes can replenish their water reserves and refresh themselves. You can get to the start by your own transport or use what the organizers offer. On the entire route of the half-marathon, security guards, doctors and volunteers are constantly present, who help in every way if necessary.

In order to take part in the competition, you need to register in advance on the official website of the event and pay the registration fee, the amount of which depends on the date of registration. At the same time, as usual, you must specify your contact information and the size of the T-shirt. Upon arrival at the competition, athletes are given their start packs with numbers, branded t-shirts, timing chips, etc.