Підбірка мотивуючих книг для бігунів

Selection of motivational books for runners

To achieve a certain result in any sport, including running, you need to constantly actively train. But sooner or later, fatigue may appear, and the desire to continue at the same pace disappears, and motivation is lost. You can restore it by reading motivational books about running, his technique, philosophy, etc. Each athlete has his own list of favorite books. For me, the best are autobiographical works, the authors of which tell about the role of running in their lives. Such books can be read in one breath, they charge well before jogging.

Born to run

Author of the book "Born to run"- a famous American journalist and running lover, who went to learn from the tribe of Taraumara (Raramuri), famous for its extraordinary endurance and ability run long distances almost without feeling tired in the legs. They were nicknamed - "those with light legs". The Taraumara Indians are the custodians of the art of running lost by modern man. At the same time, the author in his book talks about what shoe companies do with runners and how they continue to produce sports shoes, which are very harmful to running, what employees themselves think about it inside companies.

What I mean when I talk about running

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

"What I talk about when I talk about running" - another best-selling book on running. It is based on the autobiographical story of the author, the famous Japanese master of modern Japanese literature. Using his trademark ease and unspokenness, he, masterfully balancing on the border of household essays and allegories, captures his thoughts about running, tells how he started running, how he became the owner of a small jazz bar in professional runner, how preparing for the marathon, and later to the ultramarathon, etc.

One who runs without sleep. Revelation of the ultramarathoner

Ultramarathon Man: Confessionsofan All – Night Runner

"One who runs without sleep. Revelation of the ultramarathoner ” - the author of this book, which became a bestseller, a man who has run about 160,000 kilometers in his career. He tells readers how he achieved one goal after another, and what helped him in this. At the same time, the athlete, for whom the marathon distance is just a warm-up, was often called insulting words: crazy, masochistic, and even "shizik". He could run in any weather, in forty-degree heat, and in a frost below 40 degrees, on an equal route and on mountains. Many asked why he had such trials, and he calmly replied: "Because I can“, which became the main thing motivating phrase.

Eat and run. The incredible story of a vegan ultramarathoner

“Eat and run. The incredible story of a vegan ultramarathoner” - another book that tells about the life of a strong-minded person, inspires readers to overcome any obstacles to their success and most importantly - to find yourself. This is an exposition philosophy of the ultramarathoner, for which running is life itself. The author describes in detail all his ups and downs that changed him and made him stronger. At first, running was just for fun to improve his body, then the athlete liked the challenges that running put in front of him and the feeling of excitement in overcoming difficulties.

Running man

"Running Man" - a rather philosophical story of a man for whom running has become everything, a means to gain recognition, survive drug abuse and get rid of alcohol dependence. The hero of the book ran constantly, even when his sons were born. Running was for him both a punishment and a salvation, he gave the opportunity to feel real pain and learn about his healing. Charlie, that's the name of the hero, marathon run in prison, overcame the Sahara from end to end, participated in dozens adventure races, during which he was chased by angry crocodiles, ate leeches and drenched in bats. He fell asleep on a bicycle, woke up with a tarantula in a sleeping bag and hung on a rope from a rock. He rubbed sore calluses the size of a tennis ball, ran without sleep and food for several days. Everyone who knew him called "Running Man“ and he did crazy things to stay sober.

Why are we running? Theory, motivation, training

навіщо ми біжимо

“Why are we running? Theory, motivation, training” - exciting story of running and runners, and - the history of this sport. In the book you will find amazing stories of different people, for each of whom running means something different. Some run to achieve a state of inner peace, and some to then indulge in sweets as a reward or put the result in the table. The book also has about style and running techniques, various training programs are presented, common injuries, nutrition, proper nutrition are described breathing while running, gymnastics for runners. The author believes that all the problems in the world could be solved by running. After all, this sport allows you to cope with stress, makes a person balanced, beautiful and slender, is a cure for all diseases, and a means to achieve mental balance. A book full of inspiration and really motivates well, to put on a sports uniform, sneakers and finally go for a run.


"Ultra" - another honest story about the life of a man who was able to run change your life. At one time, the hero of the book, a lawyer by profession, overcame alcohol dependence, which was replaced by a passion for fast food, and with it overweight and inactivity. And at the age of about 40, when many athletes were finishing their careers, he was just starting to run. Anyone who yesterday could not climb the stairs normally without choking, today is already covering several kilometers and plans to take part in triathlon. The book only confirms that nothing is impossible in this life, the main desire - and you can turn from yesterday's alcoholic to the strongest man in America.

Once a runner

"Once a Runner" - a book that has become a cult bestseller, it is remembered worldwide famous runners and believe the best motivational book. The novel is about the life of a teenager, a real savage who grew up in Florida. His life could have turned out differently so that he would not find himself unique ability to run but did not develop a work ethic. As a result, the hero became a world-famous athlete.

Never stop

never stop

“Never stop” — a good way to start positive changes today. Mari Karachina is a participant world marathons and half-marathons, fitness trainer and founder of the club "Skinny&Strong", is convinced that run is much more than just a sport. This is a way to organize your life, strengthen your spirit and willpower, learn to set goals and achieve them. After all, movement is life. And this book is a small incentive, the first step to change your habits and start improving the world around you. So put on your sneakers and never stop!

By reading books, we not only enrich our inner world, but also get the opportunity to learn the secrets and techniques of world-famous athletes. I shared only eight cults books about running, that I have in my library. But there are many more. Exercise, proper nutrition and sleep are definitely important. But it is equally important to enrich yourself with reading.

I hope my selection of motivational books will help you gain new knowledge, motivate yourself to achieve results and just have a good time reading them.