Antwerp 10 Miles

Antwerp 10 Miles

Antwerp 10 Miles" is one of the most popular running events in the spring in the Belgian city of Antwerp. If earlier no more than a hundred participants took part in it, today this one sporting event annually gathers more than 35 thousand athletes from many countries. Commemorative gifts and medals, as well as prizes for all winners of the competition, will be presented to the athletes during the race.

Information about the race


The history of the Antwerp 10 Miles race began in 1986. In 2021, 10 miles race in Antwerp passed a new route around Galgenvel. Thanks to this, the participants got double the pleasure of the race and the opportunity to admire the beautiful view of the city of Antwerp. 

Серія забігів AG 10 миль

You can register for the race online. The race in Antwerp is not only a good opportunity to test yourself for endurance, your level of training, but also to get an unforgettable experience of the event itself, acquaintance with the city, its nature, history, architecture, people and more. During the competition you can learn from the experience of other athletes, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the holiday. After all, all residents and guests of the city gather on the streets of the city along the running track to enthusiastically support each participant.


Маршрут забіга "Antwerp 10 Miles"

Race route "Antwerp 10 Miles” runs along an asphalt road through the historic city center, in particular through the famous Kennedy Tunnel and Waasland. The main distance is 10 miles or 16.1 kilometers. The organizers of the race "Antwerp 10 Miles" have provided everything you need for comfort and safety its participants, as well as improve the level of the organization every year. Food and hydration points are provided throughout the distance, medical staff are constantly present and security is provided.