Бігова серія "AG 10 Miles Series"

Running series "AG 10 Miles Series"

In 2018, I was lucky enough to be in Belgium and visit the city of Antwerp. It was here that I managed to take part in an incredible running event, which was then called “Antwerp 10 Miles&Marathon”, where the most popular was the distance of 10 miles (16 kilometers), which I ran. For me, it was the first 10-mile run in my running experience, and so far it remains the only one.

This distance turned out to be quite interesting for me, so I wanted to find where else you can run it in the running events. The official website of the race helped me in this “Antwerp 10 Miles“. As it turned out in Belgium is a kind of a series of races called “AG 10 Miles Series”. This running series includes three races held in the largest cities in Belgium, namely:

The "AG 10 Miles Series" opens in Charleroi in March and closes in Antwerp in April for a total of two months. The peculiarity of the series is that each race boasts a very good track, which passes through interesting places.

The race track in Charleroi runs through the city center and its surroundings. In Brussels, the race route passes through a historic area of ​​the city called Mutsaard, the first mention of settlements in its territory dates back to the 13th century. In the city of Antwerp, the route is also quite interesting - it passes through the Berchem district, which delights runners with the beauty of the embankment of the river Scheldt and areas with tunnels connecting the right and left banks of the city.