Серія пригодницьких змагань "Adventure Competitions Series"

Adventure Competitions Series

At the end of the running season, I decided to take part in another interesting mountain race named "On the Edge of Winter", starting their acquaintance with an interesting and unique for Ukraine running series called “Adventure Competitions Series”. What made me interested in it? The series consists not only of running races, but also of various adventure races, for example, it includes canoeing, cross-country and multi-sport races. This makes it quite interesting to participate in, as it allows you to test your strength in different conditions, sometimes extreme and non-standard.

The "Adventure Competitions Series" includes 12 competitions, namely:

Another feature of the "Adventure Competitions Series" is that each participant who takes part in any competition in the series receives a discount for the next competition in the series. The winners of the competition (those who took the first, second and third places) are exempt from the organisational fee for the next stage. In addition, the series has its own rating, where after each competition the finishers receive 1 point, and the winners 4, 3, 2 points for the first, second and third places respectively. And at the end of the season, the winners of the "Adventure Competitions Series" are also determined by the number of points scored. The prize pool of the series is distributed among them.